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In "classic" Baldur's Gate this quest is referred to as Zhurlong's Boots.

After talking to the thief Zhurlong in The Burning Wizard with a reaction of higher than seven, we learn that he was ironically mugged of his Boots of Stealth. They were taken from him by a hobgoblin in the Area South of Beregost (1900, 2670).

Note: Speaking to Zhurlong without the quest and the boots in the inventory, will always lead to him stealing some gold pieces from you. See his page for more details on this.

If you hunt down the hobgoblin and return the boots to Zhurlong, he rewards you with experience, 100gp and any gold he previously stole from you[1].

You can kill Zhurlong without losing reputation. As a result many players choose to complete the side quest for the experience, then kill Zhurlong to retrieve the valuable Boots of Stealth. At least they can't be stolen back from him after returning them.

Such boots can be also obtained in the area of Ulcaster from a Hobgoblin (2050, 2630), in both original and Enhanced versions (2021) Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
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Quest starts
GUILSOP00009Zhurlong's Missing Boots
A pesky thief named Zhurlong has been pickpocketing me every time I try to get a word in edgewise, but I'd rather not cause a scene. He did mention losing some boots to hobgoblins in the badlands south of the city. I get the sense that returning those boots to him may be the only way to make peace and have my money returned. Zhurlong can be found at the Burning Wizard tavern in Beregost.
Upon completion
Well, Zhurlong is making progress in our ongoing joint therapy sessions. He has confessed his kleptomaniac tendencies and has even gone so far as to return the gold that he has stolen from me thus far. Most surprising, however, has been his offer of 100 gp above and beyond what was actually due. Sadly, he referred to it as a down payment on my pocket... Nevertheless, with time, I still hold out hope that he might be cured.


  1. As long as it wasn't more than 1,000,000gp