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Zaelas is a cleric who used to be a member of the Cult of the Eyeless, but has since left them to become one of the Cult Outcasts. He can be found in the Lair of the Cult Outcasts, a closed-off section of The Old Tunnels that requires Gaal's Key to open the Door to the Inner Chambers.

Oh! Oh my! I hear something! It is the cult coming to get us, oh I know it is! Sassar?

Being an ex-cultist, he is blind and no longer has the benefits of a "type" of "sight" granted by his former god.

"You have no idea what it is like to be blind and hunted!"


Given the chance he will tell you his story.

"I am Zaelas, and I have been assisting Sassar in researching the rod below... Oh, please! Now that we have run from the cult we are truly blinded! ...we cannot retrieve it! The cult will come for us... they'll throw us in the Pit of the Faithless! Please... Speak to Sassar again and tell him you'll help us!"


  • Zaelas is a Cleric, but his script has no cleric abilities, and fights as a melee attacker only using the WATASIGHT script. It may not be a "bug".
  • Shadows of Amn LOADCNTR00004 Icon SoABaldur's Gate II:
    Shadows of Amn
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.
    He is equipped with LEATH04.ITM in the Armor slot, but it is not an item found in the game; perhaps a typo that was meant to be LEAT04.ITM (Studded Leather Armor). This is fixed in the EE game.


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