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Yusef son of Saerk Farrahd. Will attack you if his sister dies - PPE Mod portrait

Yusef is the son of Saerk Farrahd and can only be found if Anomen takes revenge for his sister's death. during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

This is Anomen? Oh, can I kill him, father? Please?

Yusef is with his father and his sister Surayah in the main room on the second floor of the Estate of Saerk Farrahd. Shortly after the party enters the main room, either from the stairs up from the first floor, or through the side bedrooms accessed by the outside stairs, a cut-scene plays out, in which Anomen slays Yusef's sister in return for the death of his own sister, Moira Delryn.

At his sister's death, Yusef yells out, "Nooo!! You vile dog! I shall cut out your black heart for this!" and a battle inevitably ensues.


Yusef is equipped with an undroppable MinHp1.itm ring that prevents him from being killed. As soon as his hit points reach a critical level, he escapes, saying, "I... (gasp!) I shall get you for this! One day, I swear I shall!"

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