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A Yuan-ti Mage is a Yuan-ti that's capable of casting spells. Their higher Intelligence also allows them to verbally communicate with other creatures, thereby giving some of them a neutral alignment when first encountered. Dialogue is brief and they instantly revert to enemies when finished speaking.

The most common variety of Yuan-ti mage is the 12th level version, and this is the only type encountered before the events in the Throne of Bhaal, except for the KPSHAM01.cre creature found of the second floor of the de'Arnise Keep.

Once a party member has been observed, and hostilities have begun the 12th level creature will self-buff with a spell contingency trigger (that cannot be disrupted) consisting of Stoneskin, Minor Spell Turning and Mirror Image. A spell Sequencer can be deployed later containing Haste, Improved Invisibility and Strength.

The creature can also apply another Stoneskin further into a battle under certain conditions, such as the first one being removed/spent. All of the spells listed in the info box are scripted for use, such as disabling and damage dealing spells. Additionally, the mage also has a scripted use of Death Spell that is not in the creature's memorized spell book. These spell casts can be disrupted.

The KPSHAM01 Yuan-ti mage found in the de'Arnise Keep second floor library uses the same mage script as the ICYUAN03.cre variety.


Shadows of Amn[]

de'Arnise Keep[]

  • (KPSHAM01.cre) in the library

If Gorion's Ward's XP is 2,000,000 or greater, two Yuan-ti mage's (ICYUAN03.cre) will spawn in the following places:

Planar Prison[]

  • random spawn location - only one of them if Gorion's Ward has 400,000–999,999 xp


Athkatla Sewers[]

Throne of Bhaal EE[]

The Black Pits[]

  • Arena (ohnyuanm.cre)


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some revisions to two of the three versions of the Yuan-to mages in the game. It does not do anything to the ohnyuanm creature, as that mage has no spell casting script at all. It basically isn't used as a mage.

The only difference between the two modified versions of Yuan-ti mage with SCS installed is that the de'Arnise keep version (which has dialogue) is assigned an Invoker specialist mage kit. Otherwise, they employ identical "Smarter Mage" AI script. This means that the mages have an advanced threat assessment and opponent vulnerability capability, for better spell selection in combat and tactical behavior.

The mage has a mostly different selection of spells as well. See the Screenshot in the gallery above to see what self buffs are deployed at the outset of hostilities. Note that image is with SCS and Spell Revisions combination installed. With SCS alone, it won't be very different, with Spell Immunity Divination instead of SR's "Dispel Shield".

These Yuan-ti's also have a prepared Minor Sequencer loaded with Mirror Image and Blur. Of particular note, these mages will cast a Disintegrate spell, if able, at vulnerable party members in range. This can of course be deadly for an inexperienced party. Other offensive and disabling spell options are cast as well.

SCS revises Yuan-ti mages with increased intelligence and dexterity commensurate with their race and class. Their adjusted Armor Class is typically -3.

SCS Spawn content[]

The mod has added several new creature files for Yuan-ti mages - these are:

Placed by SPWNMON.BCS[]

  • DW#ICYUAN1 - Enchanter, Level 12
  • DW#ICYUAN2 - Invoker, Level 12

Placed by TORGAL2.BCS[]

  • DW#KPYI1 - Necromancer, Level 14
  • DW#KPYI2 - Necromancer, Level 14
  • DW#KPYU1 - Necromancer, Level 12
  • DW#KPYU2 - Necromancer, Level 12

The placement of these spawned mages is determined by the game difficulty setting. The higher the setting, the more mages are added, and they may be the level 14 variety with TorGal. As expected, all of these mages behave as described above with the Smarter Mage AI. Each creature has its own Kit specific AI. So, there will different spells cast and different sequencers and spell triggers.

Mod gallery[]