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A Yochlol is a type of lesser Tanar'ri demon that were normally used by the Queen of Spiders to infiltrate undetected into Drow societies. This particular yochlol is found in the Watcher's Keep - Tahazzar (AR3012) area. More of these can be encountered in the Teleport Maze as random spawns when the party attempts to rest in certain rooms.

Darkness take you! Enemies!


The Yochlol will engage in melee combat with the nearest enemy detected with an enchanted +3 attack, from an undroppable Drow Scimitar.

Several spells are triggered for use and initiated by the ReallyForceSpell AI command. They are cast depending on certain combat conditions as shown on the InfoBox.

The creature is under a permanent normal Haste effect, and thus has a double movement modifier and an extra attack per round.

The she demon has many status effect immunities and is able to See the invisible.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes a few revisions to the Yochlol including raising the creatures Hit Dice to 15. The creature's AI is improved and looks for enemy weaknesses and immunities to help make decisions in tactical combat situations. All spells cast are now innate ability cast spells, and not Wizard spells.

Yochlols (cast at 15th level):
Flame Strike, once per five rounds
Spider Spawn, once per three rounds
Domination, Improved Invisibility, Remove Magic and Teleport without Error, at will
Heal, three times per day

Note that the innate domination spell has a Saving throw penalty of -4. The Spider Spawn is actually a Monster Summoning IV innate spell and will produce 4 spider enemies.

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