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Yan-C-Bin - also known as the Evil Prince of Air, Howling Hatred, or Shadow of the Four Winds - is a powerful Archomental encountered during the final confrontation with Amelyssan in The Throne of Bhaal.

Yan-C-Bin guards the southwest pool along with several other evil creatures from the Plane of Air, namely two Vampiric Wraiths and two Greater Air Elementals.


  • Despite being an ancient elemental prince, canonically on-par with some lesser gods, combat with Yan-C-Bin is not substantially different from battling a Greater Air Elemental, with the most substantial improvements being their 90% Magic Resistance, additional elemental resistances, and persistent, undispellable Globe of Blades.
  • Lacking physical damage resistance and possessing only moderate AC and hit points, they can be readily defeated by concentrated physical attacks.
  • In addition, they lack innate fire resistance, making them particularly vulnerable to Dragon's Breath or the 7th Level Priest Spell Fire Storm, both of which are unaffected by Magic Resistance.

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