Yaga Shura's Journal is a book found in Yaga-Shura's Keep.

Content Edit

The large volume is almost too large to comfortably carry, but in giantish hands, would likely be little other than a small journal. Its scribbled contents were made with an unsteady hand and written in Giantish, but are still largely legible. Some interesting notes contained within:

"Finally found the little human Bhaalspawn who's been evading me for two weeks in the Calim Desert. Was almost a shame to eat his heart, but rules are rules."

"The wraiths that were loaned to me turned out to be useful. I have the old hag's heart now, and she's helpless against Yaga-Shura! Foolish, presumptuous woman! May she rot in that infernal swamp of hers!"

"Most of the spawn that are left are collected in Saradush now, where we want them. Only a few stragglers to pick off once the city walls are overcome... which is only a matter of time."

"Illasera was chosen to be the one to go after the powerful Bhaalspawn, the straggler. What is <PRO_HISHER> name? <CHARNAME>? Hmph. Yaga-Shura should have been the one chosen. The fool would have stood no chance. But now is not the time to disobey orders. Yaga-Shura can bide his time."

The remainder of the journal contains information on the gathering of Yaga-Shura's army and various tactical matters which, while interesting, are not particularly relevant.