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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Xulaye NPC mod portrait

The Xulaye NPC mod by K'aeloree & co. adds Xulaye, a lawful evil drow mage/assassin, to BG2 as a temporary joinable NPC.

She is involved in the chapter 5 story-line, and has a personal side-quest.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

How to get her to join[]

Start Shadows of Amn chapter 5, and follow the story-line to Ust Natha.
When the handmaiden Imrae assigns you your first task (rescuing Phaere), Xulaye insists on joining your party.

Base-game story-line[]

Xulaye accompanies you during the chapter 5 Ust Natha story-line, and participates in plot-relevant conversations. At certain points, her presence can change how the story plays out:

  • Task 1 – Rescue Phaere:[1]
    Plays out normally.
  • Task 2 – Kill smuggler-beholder:
    Plays out normally.
  • Task 3 – Kill svirfneblin:
    Xulaye taunts and attacks the Svirfneblin Leader as soon as she sees him. Thus if you want to do the non-violent solution to this task, then in addition to sending Solaufein away, you must also temporarily remove Xulaye from the party[2] before you approach the svirfneblin.
  • Task 4 – Kill Solaufein:
    Plays out normally. (Xulaye recommends the non-violent solution, but it's up to you.)
  • Task 5 – Procure elder blood:[3]
    Plays out normally.
  • Task 6 – Switch dragon eggs:
    Plays out normally. (Xulaye curses if you give Phaere the real eggs, but unless you antagonize her, she accepts it.)
  • The summoning ritual:
    Be sure to remove all items that you want to keep from Xulaye's inventory before you enter the temple, because she will no longer be a party member after the ritual.
    The ritual plays out more or less normally, except that you get no chance to talk to the demon yourself, and that Xulaye wins in almost every scenario:
    Ritual details

    A summary of your possible choices before and during the ritual, and their outcomes:

    Your choices Outcomes
    spider pit[4] Xulaye wins[5] eggs safe[6]
    You kept the real eggs:[7] - yes yes
    You left the real eggs where they were:[7]
    You rat out Xulaye.[8][9] yes - -
    You fight alongside Xulaye.[8] - yes -
    You gave the real eggs to Phaere:
    You interject.[10] - yes yes
    You remain silent.[10] - yes -


    • If both Matron Mother Ardulace and Phaere are killed by the demon for offering fake eggs, Xulaye makes the demon go away and assumes the position of Matron.
      • The base-game option of making your own evil deal with the demon is not available if Xulaye is present.
    • If Matron Mother Ardulace and/or Phaere have the real eggs, Xulaye executes a contingency plan that allows you to fight them and the demon. If you win, Xulaye then also assumes the position of Matron.
    • The only path that doesn't lead to Xulaye winning, is if Matron Mother Ardulace has the real eggs (and thus the favor of the demon), and you turn against Xulaye[9] instead of fighting along-side her. Then you are thrown into the spider pit.
    Xulaye NPC mod spider pit screenshot

    the spider pit

    If Xulaye became the new Matron, she then rewards you (10,000 gp + "<CHARNAME>'s Piwafwi Cloak"[11]) and lets you leave Ust Natha peacefully.
    On the other hand, if you were thrown into the spider pit[12], Xulaye curses you and leaves you to fight lots of spiders and the Hive Mistress. You can then exit the pit directly to the main Underdark map.

Base-game side-quests[]

Most side-quests in the Underdark play out normally when Xulaye is in the party, and she merely gives idle commentary. The following are the ones where she gets a bit more involved:

  • Retrieve Qilue's Brain:
    Xulaye demands to know what task the Aboleth gave you. It turns out she does not have a problem with Qilue being killed, though, so the rest of the quest plays out normally.
  • Free the Human Slaves:
    While Xulaye staunchly protests (and suggests sacrificing the slaves at the temple instead), there are no negative consequences to ignoring her and sending the slaves to their freedom.

QUEST: Familial Intrigue[]

This is a new side-quest added by this mod.

  • Have Xulaye in the party for a while, to get to her 4th timed protagonist banter (see #Dialog below).
  • A few minutes later, Envoy Ikaxan[13] of House Kii'Ret approaches you in Ust Natha, and asks Xulaye to attend a pre-arranged meeting with his matron.
    • If you refuse, Xulaye leaves angrily(→ see #Xulaye's Revenge), failing the quest.
    • If you agree, he takes the party to the bottom-left corner of the main Underdark map, where Matron Larace is waiting
  • Matron Larace demands 20,000 gp in order to enter into an alliance with Xulaye.
    • OPTION: Pay her.
      This completes the quest.
    • OPTION: Accept a task from her.
      If you ask for an alternative to paying her, Matron Larace instructs you to retrieve a powerful armor for her. Agree, and the quest continues.
  • Talk to the duergar merchant Carlig in the bottom-left section of the main Underdark map. He wants 20,000 gp for the armor. You cannot pickpocket or loot it, so your options are:
    • OPTION: Pay the full amount.
    • OPTION: Reduce the price to 5000 gp by bringing him a rare item.
      The items he accepts are the Eyestalk of an Elder Orb, Elder Brain Blood, or Kuo-toa's Blood. See those pages for details on acquiring them.
      (You also need one of these items during the main story-line, but since there are three of them, that's not a problem.)
  • WARNING: If you don't yet have the armor 20 minutes of real time[14] after talking to the matron, Xulaye impatiently reminds you to get it, and if you still don't have it after another 15 minutes, she leaves angrily (→ see #Xulaye's Revenge), failing the quest.
  • Once you have the armor ("Mithril Chain +4"[15]), bring it to Ikaxan[13] in the Male Fighters' Society of Ust Natha.
    (Or pay him the originally-asked-for 20,000 gp instead, and keep the armor.)
    Either way, this concludes the quest.

ENCOUNTER: Xulaye's Revenge[]

If you do or say something that causes Xulaye to leave the party in anger, she takes her revenge by ratting you out to the handmaiden Imrae.

Imrae confronts you. You have two options:

  • OPTION: Deny being a surfacer.
    The issue is then decided using trial by combat. Defeat Xulaye and her minions, and your cover remains intact.
  • OPTION: Admit it, and accuse Xulaye of being your accomplice.
    Xulaye turns hostile, and so do all drow of Ust Natha because your cover is blown.

Other content[]


  • The first time you enter the tavern, Xulaye has a short verbal confrontation with her sister Benerra and brother Tarkiz. Nothing comes of this.


Xulaye initiates banters with the protagonist in intervals of 15 minutes of real time[14] (like "friendship talks" in other NPC mods, just less friendly). You can't really say anything wrong in these conversations.

List of timed protagonist banters
# Topic of conversation
1. what you think of Ust Natha
2. why you were sent to Ust Natha
3. you being a surfacer
4. the threat of you and her exposing each other

Letting your protagonist initiate dialog with Xulaye ("player-initiated dialog") leads to a few extra mini-talks.

In addition, she has banters (that can pop up randomly) with the following other party members:


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