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The "Wyvern Cultist" is a pair of two male humans located in the forest of Tethir first encountered during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6.

They are tending/worshipping/exploiting a Greater Wyvern and a Baby Wyvern. No one really knows what they are up to, but regardless, all are hostile, as most cultists seem to be unreasonable, fanatical, weirdos.

The first Infobox describes the Wyvern cultist mage. The second IB is for the fighter class cultist.


The mage is scripted to respond with an initial trigger of protective buffs (uninterruptible) when enemies are detected. Various other spells memorized are cast situationally - as described in the InfoBox. There is also a use of Shadow Door scripted if things are going badly for the mage - to buy time.

The fighter is armed with an enchanted spear and will charge the nearest enemy and try and skewer any opponent.

The two wyverns will also engage with bite, claw and stinging tail, dripping with venom.

If the party is victorious, feel free to scavenge some sellable loot from their corpses.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes changes to the two cultists default AI scripts. The mage is assigned a random mage kit (Conjurer, Enchanter, invoker or Necromancer). That will determine the scripted/memorized spells and contents of the Minor Sequencer and Spell Sequencer. Different buffs and spells will likely be attempted than the unmodified game.

A selection of potions for scripted use are provided the mage to boost abilities and to heal when damaged to a preset threshold.

The fighter is assigned revised weapon proficiencies - 5 pips in spear, and 2 pips in two-handed weapon fighting style. Three potions are retained for scripted use to boost abilities and heal damage.