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The Worn Whispers, also known as boots of stealth, are a pair of magical boots that offer bonuses to the stealth abilities of monks, rangers and thieves. They appear in the whole Baldur's Gate series.

In ages past, a king named Rhigaerd was renowned for the spies he kept. So skillful were they that no nook or cranny escaped their eyes, and maps were held for entire castles and towns. Eventually betrayed from within, the tools of their trade were taken and dispersed, ensuring that none could amass such a band again.

— Worn Whispers


As only monks, rangers and thieves have the ability to use stealth, the Worn Whispers are restricted to these classes, with the exception of barbarians who can use them too in the original Baldur's Gate II.

When equipped as boots, they increase a character's move silently skill by 20% and their ability to hide in shadows by 15%. In the original Baldur's Gate, the bonus is applied in whole to the stealth skill, increasing it by 35%. These bonuses are cumulative with those from other sources.


In Baldur's Gate, a pair of these was taken by a hobgoblin from Zhurlong, who may ask Gorion's Ward to return them. This hobgoblin can spawn in two different areas, allowing players to obtain a second pair in the original game. Another pair may serve as a reward for killing a basilisk on the loose – later in the city of Baldur's Gate.

Note: In the original game, these boots are identical and any of the three available pairs will fulfill Zhurlong's request. This is changed in the Enhanced Edition: only the boots from the hobgoblin will do, and the second pair of them isn't available anymore. In addition, their unidentified name is Zhurlong's Boots here.

If they were used by a Dark Moon monk, ranger or thief when moving on to the Siege of Dragonspear, these classes will keep the boots in their possession. They are also worn by Safana and sold at the Coalition Camp.

In Shadows of Amn, they can be found in Mae'Var's Guildhall while finding proof of his treachery. If a certain innkeeper notices Mazzy Fentan in the Ward's party, he will be happy to gift a pair of the boots of stealth.

A thief and a fighter/thief will find them on their feet when being born in Throne of Bhaal.[2] If Hexxat's request is fulfilled, another pair might be obtained.

They make also appearances in The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay.


The Black Pits[]

  • Nymph's tear ICOMPO1400000Undroppable item
    This icon indicates an item that cannot be dropped or stolen.
    Equipped by Ainordec

Baldur's Gate[]

Siege of Dragonspear[]

Shadows of Amn[]

Throne of Bhaal[]

Gladiators of Thay[]

  • Sold by the Magical Item Merchant (×1)
  • Nymph's tear ICOMPO1400000Undroppable item
    This icon indicates an item that cannot be dropped or stolen.
    STORBAG 16pxUnstealable item
    This icon indicates an item that cannot be stolen.
    Equipped by Feldrak Feldrak'i



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