My hotel's as clean as an elven arse.

Winthrop is the innkeeper at the Candlekeep Inn. He is a friendly, tubby gentleman. Winthrop takes pride in the clean condition of his Inn.

Dialog Edit

The first time you speak to him:

"Well hello there, young one! Come to visit your old pal Winthrop, have ye? Well, don't forget the 5,000 gold piece book entrance fee, as per Candlekeep custom, doncha know."

  • 1:- That is outrageous! What kind of a fool do you take me for?! Stuff your Inn, and stuff your company!
He calls you "humorless" and ends the conversation.
  • 2:- You always were the big kidder, Winthrop. That gets funnier very nearly every time I hear it. Well, perhaps not quite so often.
Haw! Just having a bit o' fun with ye, my friend. Them monks may be walking about with poles in their nethers, but you know you are always welcome here in my sight. Gorion did well by you, he did. So, is there anything I can do for ya. Some drinks, a room to sleep, or anything to buy?
  • 1:- No thanks.
  • 2:- Sure, what do you have?
Note: He seems to have told Thurston that the "book entrance fee" was 10,000 gold pieces, and he paid it! So Winthrop is not so much a big kidder as a scam artist.
  • 3:- I fear I do not have that kind of entry fee with me. I suppose I shall return when I do.
He expresses disappointment at your poor sense of humour, so unlike that of "your father," but offers the Inn's services anyway.
Note: "Your father" must refer to Gorion, even though you are Gorion's Ward, not his son, because at this time your parentage is a complete mystery to you.