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Wing Buffet is an effect implemented by Opcode 235 in the game engine. It is sometimes referred to as 'Knockback".


In general, the effect can knock away any creature not immune to it. The Opcode can define how fast the affected creature slides or is knocked back, what direction the affected creature moves in relation to the Wing Buffet source, and the distance the affected creature will travel by the force of the wing buffet, in feet. The Wing buffet may have a saving throw, or not, and be unaffected or affected by magic resistance depending on the source. Opcode 235 is used by Dragons who do an actual "Wing Buffet", the Ring of the Ram, some arcane and divine spells and innate ability spells and other sources.

A Dragon's wing buffet[]

An actual Wing Buffet from a Dragon is implemented using an innate spell effect labelled as SPIN695.SPL. This is a spell effect that has no assigned school or type. It has a spell power level of 0 (zero). The Dragon Wing Buffet has a 30' range, only affects enemies of the caster (Dragon), and casts with a speed of 1. The Wing buffet effects are:

- A sound effect is played

- An Opcode 235 Wing Buffet is applied to any creature in the AOE - For a duration of 2 seconds the creature will move up to 30 feet away from the source of the buffet. There is no saving throw or resistance.

- The force of the Wing Buffet inflicts 1d8 +12 crushing damage, with no saving throw or magic resistance applicable.

- an Opcode 39 "unconsciousness" effect lasting 3 seconds is applied to the creature. A saving throw vs. spell with a -10 penalty negates. Magic resistance does not affect the unconsciousness, nor do Elven racial "Sleep" resistances. While unconscious, further damage to the creature will not wake it up.

- An Opcode 273 "Zone of Sweet Air" effect takes place, removing any projectiles coded in the applicable .2DA file. This means that most clouds and fogs will be dispersed immediately from the map. Examples include, stinking cloud, cloud kill, death fog, writhing fog and others.

The game gives some creatures immunity to Opcode 235, if they are large, like some golems , Dragons and the like.

Bugs/Mechanics errors[]

As of BG2EE 2.6, Wing buffet/knockback effects are not being applied to all creatures who should be affected.

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