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Wing Buffet is an innate ability available to nearly all dragons in the game saga. The ability is initiated via internal creature scripting during combat. The purpose of the spell is to blow back creatures close to the dragon, and to clear away clouds/fogs in the area.


The ability is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. The scripted targeting will fire over a selected target area, which is typically right over the center of the dragon. and all creatures in the area of effect (except for the caster and caster allies) are subject to the effects. The buffeting force will implement a Wing buffet effect. See the effect page for additional details.

When a dragon deploys a Wing Buffet, several actions will occur to any enemies in the effect range (most likely this will be the party and allies/summoned helpers) as follows:

  • The Dragon Wing Buffet has a 30' range and about a 16' radius AoE, it only affects enemies of the caster (Dragon), and casts with a speed of 1. The Wing buffet effects are:
  • A sound effect is played
  • A Wing buffet effect is applied to any creature in the AoE - For a duration of 2 seconds the creature will move up to 30 feet away from the source of the buffet. There is no saving throw or resistance.
  • The force of the Wing Buffet inflicts 1d8 +12 crushing damage, with no saving throw or magic resistance applicable.
  • An Unconscious effect lasting 3 seconds is applied to the creature. A saving throw vs. spell with a -10 penalty negates. Magic resistance does not affect the unconsciousness, nor do Elven racial "Sleep" resistances. While unconscious, further damage to the creature will not wake it up.
  • A Zone of Sweet Air effect takes place, removing any projectiles coded in the applicable .2DA file. This means that most clouds and fogs will be dispersed immediately from the map. Examples include, stinking cloud, cloud kill, death fog, writhing fog and others.


  • This Wing Buffet force really has no easy defense. No spells or few items in the game can block it, including magic resistance or spell protections. Basically, in an unmodded game, you'll just have to take it and recover as best as you can. There are several spells and Shape change forms that can prevent this effect with the installation of the Spell Revisions mod.
  • Enhanced Editions two letters logoBaldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions
    This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games. May situationally encompass Siege of Dragonspear and The Black Pits I & II content as well.
     As this buffeting ability has an area of effect, a Reflected Image or Mirror Image illusion won't interact with the spell and offers no protection/decoy capability in Enhanced Edition.