Windspear Hills is an optional area in Shadows of Amn campaign accessible from World Map, it’s unlocked by accepting the quests from either the dryads on first level of Irenicus' Dungeon or Lord Jierdan in Copper Coronet.

Upon entering the area, you are greeted by some talking monsters, which are in fact paladins. After the battle, If you have Anomen or Keldorn in party they will reveal these ogres to be paladins, Garren Windspear will then talk to the party, and offer to explain the situation in his hut.

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Remarkable Edit

  • Press “Tab” to highlight a long crack on a large rock just north of Gerran’s house and search for a Star Sapphire there
  • Merchant here are attacked by hobgoblins, act fast and save them, accept no gold reward from them afterwards for a +1 to reputation
  • Fighters hunting gnolls here turn out to be werewolves who’ll find their prey on you
  • To the southeast portion of the map we conclude the dryads mission at the Faerie Grove

Places Edit

  • Entrance to the ruins north east in the area
  • Windspear Cabin - Garren Windpear's house south of the area
  • Small body of water east of the area, near Garren's hut. A nymph is nearby who is related to Helping Irenicus' Captive Dryads