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Wilfred the Red, quite the story he has, and quite the adventurer he is, or is he? - PPE Mod portrait

Wilfred the Red is a patron in the Pleasure Tent outside of the city walls of Trademeet.

Good day to you.

If spoken to, Wilfred says:

"Ho, friend! Welcome to the tent of pleasure, haha! I've been here for over a week, myself, and I can tell you that the prices are well worth it!"

"The name's Wilfred. Wilfred the Red of Luskan, although I'm sure you've probably heard of me. Heh. Adventurer extraordinaire and currently living off the excesses of my most recent plunder."

If asked how he is "able to afford these prices?" Wilfred will begin bragging.

"It's quite a story.  A tale for the ages, you might say... you wouldn't happen to be a bard, would you? ...I am just recently come from a fine exploit that has left me considerably richer!"

With a high enough wisdom, he can be pressured to cough up the real story, 1,000gp to keep quiet, and a party reward of 1,000 XP. He can also be pick-pocketed for a Pearl and a Shandon Gem. If slain, he drops 435gp and mundane arms and armor.


The following might contain spoilers!

"...there I was traveling through the Troll Hills, right? I come across this large cavern, warm steam coming out of it and the forbidding smell of brimstone and such..."

"A dragon, I think to myself. And being Wilfred the Red the great adventurer, I walk in and challenge the dread beast!"

"Thirty feet high he was, with a wingspan easily three times that! Red as blood and eviller than a cockatrice in May!"

"I slew the beast, naturally, after a valiant struggle. A few minor scorch-marks were all I suffered for felling the beast, and its horde was mine! More gold than you could possibly imagine!"

"Too bad I was by myself at the time. I could only gather as much gold as I could carry. Still, it was enough to make me plenty wealthy. Plus, it was a good deed, which is my forte."

When confronted by asking, "You don't look like someone who could single-handedly slay a dragon! What's the real story, here?" Wilfred stammers,

"N-no, no I did! I did! I am the great warrior Wilfred the Red of Luskan!"

If threatened with "Actually, I'd rather rob you blind, if you're really so rich" or by "Well, perhaps you wouldn't mind if I relieved you of most of your wealth, then... ever been robbed? That'd be a good tale to tell your friends..." or "Well, perhaps you'd like to have a duel. I'd be willing to match my skills against someone so powerful." Wilfred will spill the real tale:

"Wh-what?! You... you can't do that!"

Why not? If you killed a dragon, surely you can handle me.

"No, no violence! Please! I... I'm no great warrior! There! I admit it! Please don't hurt me! I... I... I'll tell you what really happened!"

"I was... traveling through the Troll Hills with my caravan and I, uh, got separated from them when I responded to a, uh, call of nature..."

"I was lost and when I thought I heard them close by, I ran to catch up. I, er, stumbled and fell into a cave of sorts. There was a dragon, there... a small one... and he was, uh, sleeping."

"So I... helped myself to some of its gold. And I, er, got out as quickly as I could."

"Please don't tell anyone! I... I've got a reputation to uphold! I'll do anything! Oh, oh! Here... take this! Just... just don't tell anyone! Ooooh, I'm so embarrassed!"