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Welt is one of two Ogres that accompany the unidentified Armored Figure, Tamoko, and the two Thugs during the night time ambush in the Lion's Way area which occurs between the Prologue and Chapter One in Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced Edition.

Gorion kills Welt with a Lightning Bolt blast.


  • Although the ogre's equipped with a Two-handed Sword, it drops a Morning Star and one item of wealthy random treasure.
  • Welt is given a short dialogue script which indicates that the ogre was destine for a brief-encounter type scenario somewhere within the city of Baldur's Gate. The script doesn't provide for a reply to any of the ogre's comments, but it did include a Journal entry (see below).
  • The script also states that the ogre would give a pair of "mitts" as a reward for bringing rats.

Dialogue (unused)[]

Just me, Pooch, or adventurers getting uglier these days?
Hi. Name's Welt. Dog's called Pooch. He's hungry. Can you bring rats?
Welt, a man in the slums of Baldur's Gate who has mastered the art of the monosyllabic word and who looks, nay, even smells like an ogre has asked me to gather rats for his dog Pooch. He doesn't look like the type one would typically say no to...

— Journal entry

Enough rats. Pooch likes rats. Here, have Welt's mitts.
Need more rats. Pooch likes rats.
Look Pooch! Welt has friends!
You make Welt ANGRRRY!

— if you get Welt mad