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This article is a "Walkthrough" for the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze, the third dungeon level in Watcher's Keep.

About this walkthrough[]

This walkthrough is a Wiki editor developed guide based on gameplay, trial-and-error experiments and other available open public sources.

The views and suggested path to follow are entirely optional, and not mandatory in any way to complete or enjoy the game.

Feel free to ignore this walkthrough, and forge your own path into the maze, just like a first-time player would be expected to figure out on their own as the game the developers expected.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to explore the maze.

About the Teleport Maze[]

There are thirteen areas included in the Teleport Maze.

Some rooms have unexpected phenomena occurring in their spaces, such as Dead Magic zones, or even temporary Wild Magic zones. Look for the clues provided when entering these areas and keep an eye on the party character portraits for tell-tale icons displayed.

Travel between areas is accomplished by "gathering your party" and entering portal gates. Most areas have multiple portals available, always situated on the north, south, east or west bearings of the various rooms.

Whenever the party travels through a portal to another area, the party will emerge in the next room/area and be positioned at the northern side (except the last area).

Each area has its own map, and some areas look similar (maybe on purpose). Others are unique.

Clues are provided on a path through the maze in the Madman's Journal. This journal can be found early in the dungeon if the party follows the Elven madman "Yakman" into the portal gate he takes.

Even with only this poetic and cryptic information available in the Journal, the Teleport Maze can be successfully explored.

Teleport Maze game difficulty scaling[]

In general, Bioware's Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal introduced more refinement and consideration to adjust game difficulty than found in the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn portion of the trilogy.

In the Enhanced Edition, even more adjustments were made by Beamdog.

The player's game difficulty settings, such as Easy, or Core are occasionally used to adjust difficulty in specific areas, or with specific creatures AI scripts.

More frequently the difficulty presented in encounters may look for how many characters are in a player's party (fewer can mean less difficulty). Generally, the AI scripts also look for a party's average experience level, and baseline values such as 14, 15 or 16th level are often used as thresholds for changing difficulty in encounters and scripts.

So, a small less experienced party can expect an easier time in this dungeon, while a full party with XP levels at least 14-16 will get the greatest challenge level, and those factors may be adjusted slightly by the player's game difficulty selection (such as "Normal" vs. "Insane"). Difficulty adjustments are made in a room/area by room/area basis.

Walkthrough (abbreviated)[]

Transition to the Teleport Maze Level[]

The party arrives in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze from the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level. The floor is inlaid with Cardinal Points marked for bearings, indicating north, south, east and west - this orientation and bearing is used throughout the maze dungeon level, no matter what room/area the party explores.

OG WK TM Yakman 1

A male elf creature ahead identified as Elven Madman initiates a remark. He refers to a "Yakman", maybe himself, in an off-kilter speech style. His speech pattern and word usage suggest a mental impairment of some type. Killing this creature in cold blood is possible here, but he might have some use. Evil parties don't have to kill everything they meet, so don't act rashly, and play smart.

The elf eventually heads for the southern portal gate. Follow the elf through the portal, or still go that way even if you slaughtered him. The other exits in this room can wait for now.

Step 1 -Take the Portal south[]

OG WK TM Yakman 2

Gather the party and follow the mad elf into the next Area - AR3011.

The party ventures through the portal, and a brief darkness then reappearance in a different area occurs.

The new area is about the same general size as the first room; however, this one is decorated differently.

The party enters from the northern side and will observe the Elven madman over to the east, nearby a makeshift tent and a small campfire.

OG WK TM Yakman 3

See the Elven Madman page for details of the encounter.

After any action with the madman, also known as "Yakman" are final, ensure that the party searched the area for found items.

Depending on how things went with the elf, will determine how much information was gained from this creature.

It may be that very little was gleaned, or quite a bit of information was had. Even so, the party will likely find the Madman's Journal. This journal with its cryptic prose seems to offer a path to follow through the maze. Also found is the Scepter of Radiance, and examining the object indicates that the scepter is missing three gemstones. It seems as though those will need to be found in this maze as well.

If the party wishes to exit to the exterior of Watcher's Keep at this time, then take the portal to the south. Otherwise, follow the Journals script, which reads:

I stand in the room that shows the way..

This reference means the first room with the Cardinal Points bearing design on the floor, the room that shows the way. The party will need to go back through the portal to the north.

Step 2 -Take the Portal north[]

When ready, gather the party and leave the elven madman's camp site through the northern portal to area AR3003.

The party has returned to the very first room they entered when first arriving in the Teleport maze.

According to the text in the Madman's Journal, it reads:

"I stand in the room that shows the way,
and I must get out of here.
I flee towards the rising sun
to find the pillar of stone is near."

The sun rises in the east, and therefore the text wants the party is to travel through the eastern portal towards a new location.

When ready, enter the eastern portal.

Note: Before taking the eastern portal, there is an optional opportunity to explore one new area if the party ventures through the western portal to the Watcher's Keep - Wild Magic? (AR3009) room. If interested, now would be a good time to do so, as the chance to visit again will be less likely and direct. Once that room is explored/resolved, use the northern portal to return to this room again, and then take the eastern portal towards the "rising sun".

Step 3 - Take the Portal east[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See that article link for more information.

OG WK TM Balor 2

Initially the party will be bereft of any buffs applied, and all spell casting will fail. This also applies to the fiends soon observed within.

The party can choose to let the fiends kill each other or get involved. Apparently, there is some kind of Blood War going on between a lone Balor demon and three Cornugon devils.

After a few rounds, the Dead Magic phenomena in the room dissipates, and spells will fly again.

After the fiends are dealt with, the party can inspect the pillar of stone. A chiseled inscription is available on it, and this rock can be interacted with.

After the room is fully explored, another view of the Madman's Journal is warranted. it reads:

OG WK TM To Speak W Demon

"I continue from there as I began
and with the demon speak."

This cryptic message seems to imply that the party continues in the same direction as first directed, which is east. and then a demon will be encountered to which the party must speak with.

When ready, enter the eastern portal towards a new location.

This concludes the Teleport Maze walkthrough.

Step 4 - Take the Portal east[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the article link for information.

OG WK TM Tahazzar 1

Immediately the party is challenged by a winged Balor standing amidst a group of various Tanar'ri demons.

The balor Tahazzar makes a coarse statement. Depending on certain factors regarding Player1's class and alignment, the demons may turn hostile right away.

If not, then some further dialogue can proceed. This extra conversing may also abruptly turn hostile influenced yet again by certain Player1 alignment.

There is also a chance to enter into a bargain with the demon, and if the party agrees to perform a job for them (with a promised reward if doing so), then the side quest The Blood War will register into the player's Journal.

Agreeing to take on the job allows earning additional experience points, as well as a unique magical item that can only be obtained from completing this quest.

Regardless of whether the party slew the demons, or agreed to take the quest, to move forward the party is to take the southern portal next.

If referring to the Madman's Journal, moving south is corroborated by the text that reads:

"..and with the demon speak.
He bids me south to journey onward,
to run and not be weak."

When prepared, transit the southern portal.

Step 5 - Take the Portal south[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Baatezu AR3004

The party hears a booming remark from a Pit Fiend, who is hostile and accompanied by two pairs of Cornugon and Velithuu creatures.

The devilish fiends attack, seeking to rend the party asunder and feast on the party's flesh.

Note that any dispellable effects present on the characters is now removed, and this area appears to be a dead magic zone. No spellcasting, whether arcane, divine or innate will work.

Even the devils will suffer from this effect. It seems as though swords, claws and teeth will decide this fight. Additionally, there are hidden traps located in this room, that are triggered whenever a character crosses their boundaries. Although the room is a dead magic zone, the traps aren't affected by this.

When the fiends are felled, a search of this area reveals no containers or treasures, other than what may have been recovered from the devil's corpses.

OG WK TM To Succubus

After this battle, the party must press on. Consulting the Madman's Journal again, it alludes to the following:

"South until the obelisk I find,
with runes on every face."

When the party has caught its breath, transfer through the southern portal.

Step 6 - Take the Portal south[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Succubus 1

Upon entry from the portal, they are immediately addressed by an alluring Succubus, surrounded by armed, yet attractive Alu-Fiend creatures. They are neutral at the moment.

The succubus will know if you have made a bargain with the Tanar'ri and says no harm will come to you, unless you want it, and giggles.

Various dialogue can occur here - ranging from heightened threats and hostilities, to inquiring about an offer. She may propose to help the party get through the maze to the portal leading out.

This is covered in the Area article linked above.

If the party takes the bargain, then all will be transported to the Exit portal area.

If a fight breaks out, then a battle will ensue right here in this room. Beware some potent charm spells here, as Succubae and Alu-kin have powerful enchantments. It may be that the female demons will dimension door to another area location if the battle goes badly for them.

After the melee, make preparations and continue through the southern portal.

Step 7 - Take the Portal south[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Karashur 1

The party appears in this new room, and immediately observes a mixed group of Baatezu devils.

A Pit Fiend identified as Ka'rashur challenges the interloping party immediately.

If the party has made a deal with the Tanar'ri Balor Tahazzar, then the devil will sense this, shout an alarm, and the devils turn hostile and attack (see the screenshot left).

If Player1 (usually that is Gorion's Ward) is a Paladin, or lawful good Alignment the devil can smell taint of goodness, leading to a remark and all devils will turn hostile and attack.

If not, more dialogue will continue. The player may make a reply selection and could just threaten the devils leading to a fight. Or the exchange can progress, and the devil will begin to make an offer to the party. One more alignment check is performed here, and if Player1 is neutral good alignment, then this sputters out and leads to a fight as well.

Otherwise, Ka'rashur will offer a bargain for the party to bring him Tahazzar's Heart, in exchange for a magical reward and the baatezu's good will. If the party somehow already has this item, then dialogue options will account for this, and different words/replies are added.

Should the party ever get in a tussle with these devils, for whatever reason, then expect a ferocious battle, with infernal spell attacks, melee blows, and missile fire.

Assuming the party survived and triumphed, search the area for found loot and items. Ka'rashur carries a critical object needed to complete this dungeon level.

When the party is ready, move through the southern portal to the next area, confirmed by the text in the Madman's Journal.

Step 8 - Take the Portal south[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Obelisk 1

The party transition into this new area through a portal gate that is at the northern side of this area. A short hallway connects with a circular chamber.

Inside this chamber is a central obelisk, on which are chiseled numerous runes on each facet.

As soon as a party member is within detection range, two unusually colored Glaberzu demons are seen - one red and the other blue.

These demons say nothing and just continue to wave their arms and pincers as if conjuring/summoning something. About a round after being spotted, a Greater Fire Elemental is produced by the red demon, and a Ice Salamander from the blue one. The Elementals will attack the closest party member they can detect.

OG WK TM Obelisk 2

As the elemental appear on the map, the area fills with roiling smoke and brimstone. It will be difficult to see through this smoke and fire, yet the demons appear to be summoning still more creatures. The next round another elemental and salamander are added to the room.

This cycle will continue until they've summoned five of these elementals each. It is best countered by working through the smoke and summoned creatures to reach the demons, and slay them as soon as possible, before the whole room is full of hostile creatures. Note that the demons shy away from contact and will move away from melee attackers, all the while still summoning.

When each demon has reached its 5-summon quota, it switches gears and actively participates in attacking the party through melee attacks and spell casting.

Once the demons and summoned creatures are destroyed, examine the obelisk.

After this battle, the party must press on. Consulting the Madman's Journal again, it alludes to the following:

"South until the obelisk I find,
with runes on every face.
The setting sun draws me on, then,
into its fiery red embrace."

This journal passage is interpreted to mean that the party should next proceed west towards the "setting sun".

Step 9 - Take the Portal west[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Tief 1

A text displays warning the party of a tingling energy felt in this room. It is another Wild Magic zone.

An armed Tiefling group is situated towards the eastern side of the room, including two male battle axe wielding fighters, A female Mage with a quarterstaff, and a female thief with a short sword and dagger.

If any of the party are detected, the mage will shout an alarm, and the group becomes hostile, referring to the party as "Primes!".

At this time the mage also summons a Mood Dog named Aranthis into the fray.

See the various creature articles for details of their abilities and equipment. Expect some spell casting from the tieflings, as well as potion use.

OG WK TM Tief 6

As this area is under the Wild Magic energy phenomena, both the party and the tiefling spells will be subject to potential Wild Surge effects. Spell casting can be unpredictable and potentially beneficial or harmful to either side.

If the party triumphs against these foes, collect any recoverable loot desired from the fallen.

To proceed onward with navigating the maze, refer again to the Madman's Journal. The text says "From there I flee to the coldest north - and lay down by the tree".

So, the next portal to take is actually the north one, which is incidentally the same one the party stepped through to arrive in this room.

Such is strange power of the teleport maze.

Step 10 - Take the Portal north[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Cambion 1

A party member will observe a lone Cambion wielding a large one-handed sword towards the eastern side of the circular central chamber.

As this creature can See the invisible it will also detect the party member and react by disappearing from view after using a Potion of Invisibility.

A few moments later the party will see that a magical gating is occurring in several spots in the same room. Depending on the party's experience level, either two or four Demon Knight creatures will soon appear and begin hostile actions.

At this time the Cambion and demons will attack any party members in detection range. Expect initial spell casting such as Remove Magic and Fireball projectiles.

When these creatures are destroyed, some loot is recoverable from their corpses.

When prepared to move on, refer to the Madman's Journal for the recommended path.

The journal's text says to take the northern portal, which oddly is the same one the party transitioned through to get here.

Step 11 - Take the Portal north[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Dem W 1

Transiting through a portal gate leads to the party arriving in this room on the north side.

This room is heavily trapped. The traps cause various disabling and harmful spells to be released, to include possible instant death and petrification. The traps can be disarmed by a party member with the appropriate skill. The traps can be avoided through careful maneuver, but only if they are exposed with a Find Traps spell or the equivalent skill from a monk or thief.

Almost immediately a ghostly figure seen to the south addresses the party and turns hostile. This creature is labelled as the Demon Wraith.

The demon immediately initiates a chain of protective spells, and a group of Slave Wraith creatures appear in the room. They are hostile, and based on some text displays, are unable to control themselves and must attack the party.

The slaves will move to engage the party in melee attacks, while the demon will most likely continue casting spells, if able. It may eventually participate in melee attacks as well.

If the party is able to destroy the demon, then any surviving slaves will be freed of their domination and are released from forced servitude.

After the battle, examine the various remains and loot "piles" of previously vanquished adventurers who were defeated here, for a mix items and valuables.

When the party is ready to move on, consult the Madman's Journal again. It seems that taking the north portal is the correct direction.

Step 12 - Take the Portal north[]

The party emerges from the portal into a new Area. See the area article link for information.

OG WK TM Aes 1

The party arrives in a cool and dim cavern, over at the western side of it.

If the party was transported here by the Succubus from the Area 3006, then the party is on the eastern side of the cavern, next to a portal gate with an Automap marker labelled as "To the Lower Reaches".

Regardless of which side of the cavern the party landed on, eventually a cambion named Aesgareth addresses the first character detected, and the cambion can See the invisible.

Aesgareth is accompanied by four high-level tieflings, including a female cleric, male fighter, male thief, female mage, and two Fell Cat beasts.

Through dialogue with the cambion, it is possible to enter into conflict and ignite hostilities after only two or three threatening remarks. If not, then the calm and charming cambion will entice the party with an invitation to gamble with its wondrous Deck of Many Things.

Aesgareth is very interested in games of chance and insists on a good wager with the party. In the end, the party can enter into a contest to win some powerful rewards, including an item needed to escape the Teleport Maze.

The cambion is also interested in leaving this place as well and would like to borrow or obtain the Holy Symbol of Helm, the scepter that the party should have in their possession from AR3011. If not, then the party will have to backtrack and get it, then return to this cavern.

Assuming the party did not immediately spark a battle - then the player will have registered The Gambling Cambion quest in the Journal. See that link for details.

On the other hand, if the party ended up fighting and destroying Aesgareth, then the final Scepter Gem can be recovered, as well as the magical deck of cards, and other treasures.

Not engaging in any gambling with Aesgareth means the party cannot attempt to win the Spectral Brand or the Wish scroll.

No matter which events took place, if the party successfully obtained the final scepter gem, then the holy symbol of Helm is restored and becomes the Scepter of Radiance. This item serves as a key to unlock the final portal to the Lower Reaches.

When ready to do so, transition through the exit portal.

Quick guide path through the maze[]

  • Begin from the arriving room with the cardinal point bearings AR3003
  • Portal path summary: S-N-(optional W-N)-E-E-S-S-S-S-W-N-N-N-Exit

Gallery of the Teleport Maze areas[]

Creatures in the Teleport Maze[]

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Treasure in the Teleport Maze[]

T1 (AR3011)[]

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T3 (AR3012)[]

Tiefling (AR3005)[]

Ka'rashur (AR3013)[]

T4 (AR3013)[]

Balor (AR3008)[]

  • Central Rock Column, a Lawful Good aligned character can grasp the Purifier +4


Aesgareth (AR3015)[]


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