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The Teleport Maze as it is labelled for the player's view on maps and texts during gameplay, is the third dungeon level of Watcher's Keep.

Note: Area 3003 is titled Watcher's Keep Compass level in the Nearinfinity free software IE editor tool, but that title doesn't appear in any in-game maps or text strings.

This dungeon level has a total of thirteen area maps available for exploration, including the first one which this page is mostly about. The dungeon is a maze, and therefore it isn't immediately clear to an adventuring party which way to travel, and the sequence of portals to take when travelling through this level.

Clues can be obtained that can assist with travel direction decisions - but even so, a first-time player might be confused at times, and lose track of where they have been, where to go next, and how to return to a previous area if they desire to do that. All of this is intentional. It is after all, a maze.

Save your game often, in multiple places, in case the need arises to go back in time and redo something, or to get out of a jam. A no reload player will just have to grit it out and persevere as best as they are able.


The party has accepted Odren and the Knights of the Vigil request for help in reinforcing the seals to keep the Imprisoned One confined in perpetuity by reading the Ritual Scroll on the lowest level of the keep's reaches. The party has possession of the Vigil Stone which is needed to enter the keep, and to leave and return again later.

The Watcher's Keep Elemental Level has been previously explored by the party, and the second portal gate has been successfully opened, allowing travel to the next lower floor, the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze.

Player's goal[]

Explore the maps, overcome obstacles, traps, enemies and find necessary items in order to complete the Scepter of Radiance to unlock the Portal Gate and continue below to the next keep level.

Area description[]

The party will enter this dungeon level from the northern portal gate when travelling from the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level.

This room is quite large, with expansive stone arches, polished marble columns for support of the tall ceiling, vertical banners with illuminated symbols, and unusual circular "pits" descending too far to see the bottom, with jutting stone obelisks rising from the depths. Truly an architectural feat.

There are four staircases that rise to the elevated floor. Each stairwell ends at a portal gate leading to points unknown.

Most interesting is an inlaid design on the floor, showing the Cardinal Points for navigational compass bearings. This isometric perspective bearing is used throughout the Watcher's Keep dungeon exploration. Keep these directions/bearings in mind when interpreting the Madman's Journal, found later.

Resting in this room[]

This room/area is safe to rest in. There are no random chances of encounters that can disturb the sleeping party.

On the map[]

  • Automap marker "To the Elemental Level" (301.364)


OG WK TM Yakman 1

Moving forward the party observes an unarmed male elf ahead.

The elf initiates a remark to the party, and assuming the party doesn't immediately slay the creature, will turn and scamper towards the southern staircase and disappear through a portal gate.

The elf is identified as Elven Madman on the player's dialogue screen.

The party may move in any direction desired, N, S, E or W. They could even follow the Madman Elf's path and pursue him through the portal.

Note:To assist in navigating this maze, there is an optional Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze Walkthrough available to use. Like any walkthrough, it typically focuses on the "optimal" path forward, but the player isn't required to follow it.

It may be more immersive to simply play the adventure with no foreknowledge at all, and as the party gathers clues and information through normal gameplay, forge their own path - this is the way the game developers intended a first-time player to experience the adventure.

Portal options from this room[]