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This is the Watcher's Keep - Thazzar area of the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze. This area is available during Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition saga, as early as Chapter 2. It is also available as part of the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal campaign if playing the original or Enhanced Edition game.

Area description[]

The chamber is fitted with only two portal gates, one on the north and the other on the southside. The roughly square room has an elevated ceiling supported by large pillars. Vertical banners with seemingly glowing symbols hang on the east and west room edges. In the center of the room is another shallow circular depression with an inlaid symbol of Helm - leafed in gold.

Illumination radiates from the portal gates and luminescent symbols on the banners.

Resting on this dungeon level[]

There is a random probability of being disturbed by infernal fiends if resting here. "You are awakened from your rest" will be shown on the combat log, and the enemies can include a Succubus, Yochlol, and Glabrezu group.

On the map[]

  • There are no Automap note markers for this area.


The party enters this area through a portal and is placed on the northern side of the room and observes many demonic figures within.

The player may recall that the Madman's Journal had a text reading "..and with the demons speak.."

Almost immediately (probably not enough time to even pause the game) the Tanar'ri named Tahazzar engages the party in dialogue, which may require the player to make a dialogue selection. It is also possible, based on certain Player1 (usually the protagonist) alignment, or class, that the demon and cohorts will become hostile.

If the party enters into an agreement with Tahazzar to assist in dispatching some Baatezu and a fiend named Ka'rashur, then the player will have a new quest in their journal titled The Blood War.

If the party ends up provoking or attacking the demons in this chamber, then a wild melee will ensue, filled with demonic spells and infernal combat.

Should the party triumph, then Tahazzar has some important items on his corpse.

See the InfoBox for links to the various demon types in this room. Each type has their own attack and spell casting abilities.


Additional demon allies are spawned (gated in) during a battle with Tahazzar. The area file script and Thazaar's script both are used to potentially spawn additional demons during a fight with the party. Tahazzar spawns extra Maurezhi or glabrezu demons (based on party size, game difficulty selection and player party XP level criteria).

Additionally, the Area script may spawn an extra Yochlol, Succubus and Quasit allies based on similar criteria.

If the player's game difficulty setting is less than "Normal" (and the party's XP levels are not greater than 16) - then the total number of supporting demons in this area is reduced.


As is good practice in the keep, based on many traps already encountered, search this room and find a secret wall panel. Within is some found loot. Take whatever is desired, including:

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