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This is the Watcher's Keep - Succubus area of the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze. This area is available during Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition saga, as early as Chapter 2. It is also available as part of the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal campaign if playing the original or Enhanced Edition game.

Ahhh, look here, dear ladies. Yet another hapless wanderer drifting through these endless portals. Is it lost, do you think? Shall we ask it?

— Succubus

Area description[]

The party has seen this layout and design previously in the maze. The chamber seems to be a somewhat standardized architectural plan. Basically, four portal gates with ascending staircases lead to a central square platform.

Resting on this dungeon level[]

There is a random probability of being disturbed by infernal fiends if resting here. "You are awakened from your rest" will be shown on the combat log, and the enemies can include a Maurezhi, Cornugon, Glabrezu, and Bone Fiend group.

On the map[]

  • There are no Automap note markers for this area.


The party enters through the portal gate into the northern staircase in this room. The stairs ascend to a floor above.

An all-female group of demonic creatures, including a Succubus and four Alu-Fiend Tanar'ri are seen ahead. The succubus will detect the party immediately and address them without much pause. She is intently eyeing all with a wry smile. Her cohorts are also fixated upon the adventurers with lustful gazes.

She'll sense if the party has struck a bargain with Tahazzar and has The Blood War questline. This alters potential dialogue slightly.

The succubus speaks to her fiend allies, and then the party, asking if they wish to have assistance with this maze to find the cavern with the portal leading out of this place.

The party must select a reply to this, which can be "No thanks, I'm not interested in your help", or the more direct "Forget it, demon-spawn! Time to die instead!"

If the ward cut a deal with Tahazzar and says "..I'm not interested", then the fiends will teleport out of the area with a mocking parting comment. On the other hand, if no prior deal with Tahazzar has been made, then the fiends will become hostile with a comment about making some sport of the party.

Or the ward can agree to let the she demon have a kiss and embrace, taking some life energy in the process. If so, a cut scene plays out, and the ward is affected by a succubus kiss and she makes good on her promise by transporting the party somewhere in the maze, adjacent to the maze exit portal. She'll have some final remarks and then transport herself away.

If the party should ever get to the point that turns the fiends hostile, a fight occurs in this room.

This group of demons aren't particularly heavy hitters in melee combat, but their power lies in potent charm enchantments that can place a party member under their control temporarily. Although standard defenses against charm will work, be advised that relying on saving throws is less effective due to large penalties.

For further details of the creature's abilities and spells, see the article page for each creature type.

The succubus will attempt to Dimension Door from this battle when she is severely wounded, and her allied alu-sisters will follow this cue and try to do the same. If they get away, then you'll not see these creatures again in the adventure; gone for good (along with any of their carried treasure and experience points).

Portal options from this room[]


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