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This is the Watcher's Keep - Bard's Gloves area of the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze. This area is available during Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition saga, as early as Chapter 2. It is also available as part of the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal campaign if playing the original or Enhanced Edition game.

Area description[]

A large roughly squarish chamber is seen, with supporting pillars and columns stretching the tall ceiling. Great vertical banners with glowing symbols are hanging on eastern and western walls.

Arched stone wall alcoves are seen on the north and south permitter. Two stone stepped dais structures are placed to the north and south ends of the room, on which the familiar keep portals are mounted atop.

The center of the room's floor is inlaid with a huge symbol of Helm. A pile of potential treasure is visible on it (T2).

To the east of the room is a smoldering campfire, and a makeshift lean-to tent with some treasure inside it (T1).

Resting on this dungeon level[]

This room/area is safe to rest in. There are no random chances of encounters that can disturb the sleeping party.

On the map[]

  • There are no Automap markers for this area.


Assuming this is the party's first visit to this area, and the group followed Yakman through a portal in Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze room - then Yakman can be seen standing near a small tent and a campfire.

To learn more about Yakman's purpose and what he knows, see his article page.

There are various found items free for the taking in this area. As is customary when delving into dungeons, assume traps may be present and search for and disarm any that are discovered.

There are two portals in this room. The northern one allows travel back to the this room, and the southern one leads to the exterior of Watcher's Keep.

Portal options from this room[]