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This is the Watcher's Keep - Aesgareth area of the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze. This area is available during Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition saga, as early as Chapter 2. It is also available as part of the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal campaign if playing the original or Enhanced Edition game.

Area description[]

Entering this area the party is aware that they have transitioned into some kind natural cavern.

A pool of water is observed on the northern side, and jutting from the water's surface is an ancient statue that glows with luminescent runes - it has the look of helmite influence that is consistent with the construction of watcher's keep.

All the way to the eastern side is another portal gate - which if tried displays a text - "You try to enter the portal, but are pushed back by some invisible force. It appears that you require something in order to pass."

Amidst the various stone features on the cavern's floor can be seen freshly slain quasit and cornugon corpses.

Resting on this dungeon level[]

There are no disturbances from random encounters while resting in this area.

On the map[]

  • Automap note markers "To the Lower Reaches" (1947.650)


The party arrived in this cavern by way of the Succubus's kiss bargain - or transitioned here after encountering the Demon Wraith.

The party is addressed by the cambion Aesgareth, who stands alongside his retinue of Tiefling servants and two Fell Cats.

As long as Gorion's Ward doesn't choose to make the cambion hostile, the party receives The Gambling Cambion questline.

The quest decisions will determine what transpires next. It can go peaceably or degrade into later hostilities.

The party can also potentially win some gambling wagers and receive some powerful rewards. There is also an even chance of having some unpleasant curses or other price to pay when participating in the cambion's game of chance with its Deck of Many Things. The party can choose how far it desires to gamble, and delay making a decisions as well.

The party could also decide to make a surprise attack on the cambion after the quest is registered. All choices have variable effects, some produce potentially more experience points than others. Some are risker than others. Gamble or don't, that's all up to the player.

If the party avoids all combat with the cambion, then everything the party needs to leave the maze can be achieved.

If the party gets into combat with this fiendish group, then they'll face the hazards of potential death at their hand. However, the rewards may be desirable from claimed and recovered loot, as well as earned experience points.

Fighting and defeating the cambion is the only way to obtain the Deck of Many Things.

When the cambion is killed, any surviving tiefling and Fell Cat opponents will depart the map quickly. This is one way to reduce risks and concentrate on taking down their leader as fast as possible. If the tiefling's get away, then of course their loot will be gone too, and no kill XP will be awarded if they escape.

Once this encounter is resolved, the party should be able to restore the Scepter of Radiance, which allows use of the exit portal to The lower reaches.

Portal options from this room[]


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises all the creatures in this area in various ways, but mostly reflected in their abilities and behavior in battle.

The Golem Construction for Spellcasters mod places a special rare book/manual in Aesgareth's inventory.

Mod gallery[]