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Hey there kid, nothing to see here.

Watchers are the foot soldiers of the Candlekeep Watchers in Baldur's Gate.

They are human fighters who are found throughout Candlekeep; including the Barracks, the Library and the exterior grounds. They also will make an appearance when acts of thievery are witnessed by residents or visitors. They are heavily armored but do not inflict much damage, as they fight with wooden quarterstaves.


  • In the Prologue, watchers (WATCH.cre) are almost as numerous as tutors within the exterior grounds (6 total). They have nothing very important to say, except to give a small idea of the situation outside the keep; none of it will be noted in the Journal.
  • A different watcher (WATCH2.cre) is also found inside of the barracks. This watchers only has one line of dialogue, but he is one of the few watchers that may be Charmed and that carries any gold (5gp).
  • The same six watchers from the prologue are present within the exterior grounds again during Chapter Six. If Gorion's Ward exits the library after the confrontation on the third floor with Rieltar, seven more watchers (WATCH6.cre) will appear (randomly scattered) in their search for the Ward. Depending upon which watcher creature you come across, any attempt to initiate hostilities will either result in instant death via a debilitating Flame Strike (WATCH.cre) or the convenient out of giving up and being taken to the jail in the barracks (WATCH6.cre).
  • Once inside the library during chapter six, a single watcher (WATCH9.cre) is found on the second and the fourth floors. They have nothing very important to say, except to give a small idea of the current situation inside the keep: although once again none of it will be noted in the Journal.
    • They are both replaced by two different watchers (WATCH6.cre) following the Rieltar confrontation. Again, any attempt at hostilities will lead to the jail in the barracks.
  • Should you get caught stealing either during the prologue or chapter six, between one to three watchers (WATCHN, WATCHN2, WATCHN3.cre) will appear and demand all of your gold as restitution for your crime or they will turn hostile if you refuse. They can also be charmed, but only the WATCHN.cre has a dialogue script (both for the initial dialogue and the charm dialogue).
  • If you try to sleep anywhere within the exterior grounds of the keep, a watcher (WASLEEP.cre) will roust you awake and direct you to the inn.


  1. "Hey there, kid, nothing to see here."
  2. "Thankfully quiet here today, as usual. I hear there are problems outside, though—something about an iron shortage."
  3. "Winthrop has kept his prices as low as he could, but I expect that to change soon. It's been weeks since a trading caravan has made it here."
  4. "It is a good thing we are not called upon to defend Candlekeep more often. I've a cousin in Nashkel that sent word of an iron shortage that is beginning to cripple their local guards."
  5. "I was in one of the great spires of the keep last night and saw the strangest sight. The horizon was aglow for a time, as though many a man carried torches in the distance. Usually there are only merchants on that path, though never at night. Bandits perhaps, but so many?"


  • Their appearance differs between the original Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced Edition due to changes to animations and item colors. (See gallery)
  • Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
    In the original Baldur's Gate, the watchers are handled as being innocents. Only the Enhanced Edition introduces a specific class for them, slightly modifying possible consequences for the party's reputation if killing one.


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