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This Wardstone is held by Akanna in the Temple of Cyric. The wardstone allows Gorion's Ward to move from Boareskyr Bridge to Bridgefort.


  • The party can kill Akanna and take it from her body.
  • Darskhelin is controlling the mind of his peers in the temple. Once he is killed, talk to Akanna and recount your actions. She will reward you with the wardstone.


Clicking on the circle of runes to the east of Bridgefort in the Boareskyr Bridge, near the broken bridge, while you have the wardstone in your Inventory, allows the party to appear in Bridgefort.

The Crusade[]

Once obtained, you can speak with The Crusade's Kharm who will ask you to lower Bridgefort's drawbridge. If you agree to it, it enables the Down With the Drawbridge quest.


This etched stone glows with a pale blue light. It can be used to activate the teleport circle east of Bridgefort.