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This page relates to the note provided to the party by Wanev the inmate located in the Spellhold Main Floor cellblock area.

This page is separated from the main article to prevent readers who don't want a spoiler, and may try to break the code on their own with the clues given.

Through dialogue choices the note is placed in the PC's Inventory. The note is written in a Caeesar Cipher.

The first note and deciphered text are below:

Qc terxepssrw evi jypp sj aiewipw. Mrjsvq xli uyiir ws xlex wli qmklx wlss xliq eaec. Livi ai ks 'vsyrh xli qypfivvc fywl. Ks, qsroic, KS!

— Undecipherd

My pantaloons are full of weasels. Inform the queen so that she might shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go, monkey, GO!"

— Dechiphered

Can the reader figure out the second note?