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Wandering Horrors appear as dark shapes in the shadowed corners of the dungeons and dark forests, its body rippling and shifting from second to second. This effect is a reflection of its spiritual nature and the twisted shape of its soul. As often in its life the soul sought to destroy others, now it continues this tortured existence at the behest of the Dark Powers, specializing in ambushing unwary parties and twisting their minds to its ways.

Thought to be restricted to the eldritch fogs in Ravenloft, it seems a few have made their way (or been channeled by the Dark Powers) to other locations in the Realms. The strong emanations from decaying magic wards and evil atmosphere around the Imprisoned One have opened ways previously closed.


These Undead creatures are always hostile and will move towards detected enemies to attempt to attack them with their melee type attack. See the MISTWA.ITM for attack details.

The Wandering horror has many status effect and other immunities, as listed in the InfoBox.

The mist creature can "see" invisible and stealthing enemies, so hiding from them won't work as long as that occurs in their normal range of detection (about 30 feet).


Shadows of Amn[]


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems revises most mist creatures in the game. The mod provides the mist with a new special ability attack script.

At the start of hostilities, it can launch a "Mist Horror" (SPIN675.spl). It can do this innate ability every five rounds, if it is not destroyed before then.

When the mist is heavily injured it releases an instantly cast Death Fog over itself. The creature is immune to this spell.

Mod gallery[]