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The Wand of Whips is a unique wand that can be found in the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

The wand is a reward from Neera's companion quest Destroying the Order of Eight Staves, available in Throne of Bhaal. To get the wand you need to continue the confrontation and attack Szass Tam again after you defeat him once at the end of the quest when you are given the dialogue options. Winning the fight a second time will complete the quest normally but it will reward you with the wand plus extra XP.

Note: You need to agree helping Szass dealing with Vicross first.


A Wand of Whips is usable only by wizards. When activated, it sends forth a whip-shaped field of white, shimmering, magical force to a maximum range of 25 feet. The wielder names, looks at, or concentrates upon a single target creature. The force-whip then attacks this creature, striking once per round, inflicting 1d6+1 points of slashing damage per strike and binding its opponent fast if a successful Save vs. Spell at -2 -4 is not made after each hit. A bound opponent suffers no further damage, but may not move or perform any other action


  • It is possible to agree to stop fighting after the first battle but then change your mind and attack again instead of asking to get teleported out. This would give you time to buff, heal etc.


  • The description incorrectly states the save penalty. Like with the Wand of Paralyzation, a save at -4 must be made.


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