Powerful wand found on the Watcher's Keep level 2. Enter the room to the southwest, it's looted from the top left shelf (around x=1325, y=1925).


General description:

Wands are 1 1/4 ft. long and slender. They are made of ivory, bone, or wood and are usually tipped with something—metal, crystal, stone, and so on. They are fragile and tend to break easily. Because of this, they are often kept in cases.
Wands are powered by charges, each use costing one or more charges (depending on the item). When a wand runs out of charges, it is consumed and destroyed.
Identified description:
Ironically, these wands are both prized and hated by wizards. They can tear down an enemy mage's defenses, but of course every mage knows the wands can also be turned against themselves.
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