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Vyatri is an innkeep in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and can be found tending bar in Vyatri's Pub.

You're not mercenaries are ya? I hate those money grubbin' scum.

— Vyatri

Dialog & Services[]

Animal Trouble[]

You can buy drinks and rent rooms from Vyatri, assuming that the druid Cernd is not yet a member of the party, prior to ending the Animal Trouble.

"You're just asking for trouble bringing that druid in here, and I don't want any part of it. I'll ask you nicely, now, to leave my inn peaceably before there's any damage."

Otherwise, he'll say:

"Greetings to you, strangers. We don't get many travelers here, with the troubles and all. I'll be happy to offer you a room, but you'd best keep yourself as low profile as possible. I don't want any trouble, here."

If asked "What do you know about what's going on here?" Vyatri explains.

"About as much as you do, I'd expect. The inn's been pretty quiet since the attacks started gearing up... at first, there was just some odd occurrences: a bear attack, some hungry wolves and the like."

"Since then, there's been masses of creatures that have assaulted the walls, and the militia can barely keep up. People have been getting quite out of hand with their fear."

"There's been stories of hooded figures amongst the animals, and everyone thinks that means the druids have turned against us. Don't know why... we've always gotten on well enough with the grove."

"But there's no explaining that to folks, not when they're lives are in danger. They saw a druid during the last attack and would have stoned him to death had Lord Coprith not arrested him."

"He might be dead, yet, if people have their way. I don't know what Lord Coprith is going to do with him... or how long he can keep up with these attacks. People will start leaving soon, I think."

Animal Trouble No More[]

If Faldorn has been dealt with, Vyatri greets Gorion's Ward as a hero.

"Well, if it isn't the heroes who have saved the town! Well met, my <LADY/LORD>! Do come in and have a seat... you are more than welcome in Vyatri's inn! What can I do for you?"

He can then be asked about the following:

Genie Trouble[]

While there is still a stranglehold on trade in Tradmeet, asking Vyatri if he has "any supplies for sale" results in the following.

"Can't say that I do... but, then, I can't say that anyone does around here. If Waukeen were alive, she'd be sad to see the state that Trademeet's come to."

"The goddess had established Trademeet to be a place of fair business only, where shady deals were punished and such. No thieves, no liars, no fraud."

"Now, we not only have thieves here but a group of genies has camped outside of the gates and swallowed all the local business... bribed all the caravans, I understand."

"No end to their gold... and they charge an arm and a leg for a loaf of bread, so the town's being starved out, you see. Waukeen would have stopped them. Now, not even Lord Coprith can do anything."

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