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Vortex web is an AoE ability unique to Vortex Spiders and Lashar'ra, who center it on themselves to affect all enemies around them. It causes the same effects as the Slow spell.


A Vortex Web innate ability centers on a single creature in range, and affects all enemies of the user in a 15-foot radius. The spider will launch this ability as a projectile towards the target. It is similar to the Wizard level 3 spell Slow. Targets must make a saving throw vs. Spells with a -4 penalty to negate. If the saving throw is missed, the targets will be under a Slow effect, and be hindered with a THAC0 and Armor Class penalty of -4. Unlike the wizard spell, no text message string shows but the target creatures will display a "Slow" icon id affected. There will be a brief lighting affect graphic also, and a sound effect will play upon casting, and when the spell duration expires. This innate ability does not bypass magic resistance, and has a level 3 spell power. A Minor Globe of Invulnerability and similar can block this innate ability. The ability causes creatures to move and attack at half of their normal rates.


  • This ability inflects APR penalty by causing the affected creature to play at half speed of its current attacking animation
  • The Slow is neutered by the Haste effect. It also negates a haste effect, if applied to a creature under that.
  • This ability can be dispelled.