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Volothamp Geddarm, or simply Volo, is a neutral good / chaotic good Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Enhanced Edition
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
famous story teller and traveler. Volo is the author and illustrator of many guide books and maps of the lands of Faerûn.

Two of Volo's maps come printed within special editions of the Baldur's Gate game. Much of the Instruction Manual to the game is also written from Volo's point of view.

Baldur's Gate[]

It is possible for the party to meet Volo. He resides at the Belching Dragon Tavern in the town of Nashkel. When spoken to, he will tell stories and give information about the Sword Coast, most of them useful for quests. In particular, journal entries, titled "Rumor from Volo", can be acquired for the troubles in the Nashkel Mines, as long as Mulahey is alive, as well for solving them by killing the priest; for the Tale of Captain Brage, as long as that one is not solved; after flooding the Cloakwood Mine, especially regarding how the slaves have been dealt with; and finally after having killed Sarevok. An Aquamarine Gem can be pickpocketed from Volo.

In the Enhanced Edition, Volo cannot be hurt with weapons or spells.

Throne of Bhaal[]

In Throne of Bhaal, he can be found in the Tankard Tree in the city of Saradush. He has some banter about describing all companions who you have brought with you. It's not known what happens to him after the giants managed to breach the city walls.


  • "Ah, yes, the, ah... a tab! Um... another ale, young miss. I'll be sure to have your funds ready."
  • "I've traveled the length and breadth of Faerûn, and there's always something new."
  • "Awfully familiar with that pointer, aren't you? And after only one drink, too."


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