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Voleta Stiletto is a member of the Thieves' Guild who is found lying on the ground near the entrance to the Thieves' Maze in Chapter Seven. She was severely injured by Sarevok as he was escaping to the Temple of Bhaal after his plan to kill the remaining Grand Dukes was thwarted.

Blast you all thrice over! I don't know who you be, but if you are in league with him that cut me down you can all go straight to Hades! May the spirits of those that built this maze take you down!
You've got me best wishes if you are hunting him down. Flew by me, he did, and only paused to stick me for the fun of it. Vicious bastard, he is. The traps ahead will likely claim him, even with that mage he was dragging along with him.

She'll give the party a heads up on what lurks within the maze and where it leads too.

Where does it lead? You want to follow him? You'll be dead before you get a hundred feet, but I guess it's your life. The maze apparently connects to the Undercity, but I ain't heard of nobody that has gone through and lived to tell. It's kinda meant as a decoy retreat of sorts. Lead intruders down here and they think it's the way out. Usually you don't see them again after that. Ain't seen a live person leave ever. She's full o' undead and kept clean by jellies. Better get a move on if you hope to catch them. I'm just going to stay here and catch my breath.

After speaking with Voleta, the following Journal entry will be made in the quest section under the title "Tandem in Extremis":

Evidently Sarevok has entered the thieves' maze, a warren of passageways built long ago that now serves as a decoy escape route to fool trespassers. It is maintained by undead and kept clean by jellies, likely enslaved by some long forgotten thief adept at magic. It leads to the Undercity, an old settlement that once stood where Baldur's Gate is now. Nothing but undead down there now, supposedly.