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Virah is in the "employ" of Madame Nin in the Copper Coronet as an "escort".

What are you doing, barging in here? Get out! Get out, I say!

— Virah


Virah and a male client are in one of the back rooms. If a party member opens the door and enters, she will protest at the rude disturbance, and rightly so.

What kind of a weirdo would barge into a private room with its door closed anyhow? The answer to that is the player's party of rude, non-conforming, felonious and ham-fisted adventurers.

If the party doesn't leave soon, or continues poking around in there, Virah will have another indignant remark.

You'll get one more warning to move on, and if not Madame Nin will make an appearance to see what the ruckus is all about.

If the player tries to speak to Virah she'll say something in exasperated fashion about who let such idiots in here, and by idiots she means the party member.

There may be some amusing dialogue from Yoshimo if he was the one who entered the room.

Harming her counts as attacking an innocent, so expect up a -10 Reputation loss if she is killed.

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