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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Viconia Revamped mod allows players to tweak Viconia. The mod is divided into separate components, each providing a change that may affect your experience with the character.


a) Change Viconia's Class:

With this component you may change Viconia's class from cleric to one of the following:

- Dual-classed options: cleric/thief, cleric/assassin, cleric/shadowdancer (EE-only)

- Multi-classed options: cleric/thief, cleric/assassin, cleric/shadowdancer (EE-only)

- Cleric of Shar kits from Deities of Faerun or Faiths and Powers may be used (instead of thief kits), but this mod must be installed after any of those mods.

This component also changes her animation to that of an elven thief (hooded sprite) and adds Holy Symbol of Shar as well as a new 1st level cleric spell to Viconia's spellbook: Hand of Shar. It allows to increase a creature's thieving ability of choice for a short time.

b) Portraits for Viconia:

This component allows you to change Viconia's portrait. Picking one of those also changes her major and minor colors to make them match the new portrait. Existing portrait options:

- BG1 Viconia portrait for SoD, BG2, BGT, EET

- BG2 Viconia portrait for BG1, Tutu, BGT, EET

- SoD Viconia portrait for BG1, BG2, BGT, Tutu, EET

- "Drowified" BG1 Viconia portrait for any game (by Sanctifer with small tweak by Lava Del'Vortel)

- Recolored BG2 Viconia portrait for all games

- Restored BG2 Demo Viconia portrait for all games in BG1 style and BG2 style (base found Parys, reworked by lolien, bob_veng and Lava Del'Vortel)

c) Add special ability: Embrace of Shar

This component gives Viconia a new innate ability - Embrace of Shar - that can turn party members invisible and blind nearby foes for a short duration.

d) Apply drow penalty: Day Blindness

This component adds a penalty for keeping Viconia in daylight. If outside during the day, she will receive a -2 penalty to dexterity and THAC0 as well as a -1 penalty to all saving throws. The penalty is dispelled during the night or at indoor areas.

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