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Viconia DeVir's quotes presents lines spoken by Viconia, together with the associated sound files.

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With Aerie[]

Viconia: So, sister of light, they tell me you were of the winged folk.
Aerie: I—I don't know what you're after, drow. Just—just stay away from me.
Viconia: But you have lost your wings and fallen... What a pity. Perhaps you shall join me below and I shall teach you the ways of the dark goddess.
Aerie: Get away from me, Viconia! I—I want nothing to do with your type, and you'll not get me down there!

Viconia: It must be crushing to your flimsy spirit that once you soared with eagles on wings crafted by angels and now you're but a sad urchin, covered in dust of an earth you once rode wind above.
Aerie: Viconia, why are you so cruel? There's absolutely no reason to be so foul and petty, no reason at all!
Viconia: Stop whining, magpie. Oh, terribly sorry, bird metaphors are forbidden because you can't fly anymore.

With Anomen[]

If the player is male, its romance with Viconia hasn't reached its late stage, and Anomen isn't a knight :

Viconia: Anomen, tell me, what drew such a handsome, powerful, and charismatic individual like yourself to the dreary, hectic life of adventuring?
Anomen: Handsome? Viconia, I'm flattered. What drew me? What I do is not for whim, prank, or jape. It is not because of duty or allegiance.
I am an instrument of justice, a redeemer of the weak, protector of the righteous and the fallen alike. I do this because I am compelled by forces beyond my ken. You?
Viconia: Well, noble one, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And it seemed to me that all the most muscular and attractive men were doing it, so...
Anomen: Well, Viconia, you don't have to sleep so far away next time. Your hands across these muscles would be more welcome than the brush of canvas, I'd venture.
1. Player: Anomen, snap out of it. She's playing you like a cheap violin.
Anomen: Keep your comments to yourself, <CHARNAME>.
2. Player: Could you two wait until tonight before you start talking dirty and whispering sweet nothings?
Anomen: You needn't be so impudent, child. The woman is pleasing to the eye and doth stir the loins, and I was merely complimenting upon her comeliness.
3. Player: Hey, Anomen... step aside! From where I'm standing, it doesn't look much like Viconia's buying what you're selling.
Anomen: I disagree, <CHARNAME>. You're over there, I'm over here, and Viconia is most certainly interested in what I may have to offer her.
And who would be foolish enough to cast blame? After all, we are all fully cognizant of this group dynamic, and are equally informed of who the true leader is here, <CHARNAME>.
And what would you do if I don't move away? Berate me, coward? Tell me a story about Gorion until I fall asleep?
1. Player: Take that back. Step away, and I'll leave you your limbs and your breath.
Anomen: You needn't be so impudent, child. (...)
2. Player: Let's just keep it together and let this slide. It's not worth arguing about.
Anomen: Hah! Typical! You're worse than a bureaucrat. All talk, no action. It's all I've come to expect from you, <CHARNAME>. Filling the air with words and not the song of steel.

With Cernd[]

Viconia: Tree-hugger, I've a question for you: "If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody care?"
Cernd: You've a nerve, Viconia. Anger and pain is your home, and a woeful, cold place it must be. My brothers celebrate life, renewal, seasons, the parliament of trees, and the splendor of nature's bounty.
Shar and her ilk revere entropy, revenge, and darkness. Viconia, you and I will never see eye-to-eye, and that covenant should be respected and maintained.
And to answer your question, yes... we do care.
Viconia: Your kindred are a scourge, defending birds, trees, brooks... the dirt. It illustrates your inability to relate to anything with two legs and a language.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Cernd: You've been on the surface for quite some time now, Viconia. Tell me... have you encountered the normal effects of prolonged exposure to the sun experienced by your kind?
Viconia: Such as an overwhelming desire to crush the skull of overinquisitive iblith? Why, yes... the urge comes and goes.
Cernd: No, no. I was referring to the loss of your native drow abilities, like the natural resistance to magic that you possess.
Viconia: I have lost my resistance to handsome males, druid. Has anyone told you how manly you are? Come closer, Cernd... let us explore this thought further.
Cernd: Errr, no thank you. My curiosity was only related to your biology, Viconia.
Viconia: I know all manner of secrets related to biology, jaluk.
Cernd: I'm... sure you do.
Viconia: Coward.
Cernd: Perhaps, but I'm a living one. Excuse me...

With Dorn[]

Viconia: So here we are again. The distrusted, much-loathed outsiders.
Dorn: Say what you will about <CHARNAME>, <HE/SHE>'s no fool.
Viconia: You say only fools would trust us?
Dorn: Only fools would trust us to go against our best interests.
Viconia: Then we're in the company of fools, I fear.
Dorn: They're fortunate that we're here to guide them.
Viconia: But what will we guide them to?
Dorn: Victory and power. What else is there?
Viconia: There's love.
Dorn: Love? Have you lost your mind, you—
Ah. I get it now.
Viconia: I had you going, though.
Dorn: You did, I admit it.
Viconia: I can't believe you fell for that.
Dorn: I guess I'm just a fool for love.
Viconia: A fool, at any rate.
Dorn: Have mercy, drow! I admitted you got me.
Viconia: I'll show you as much mercy as you show your enemies.
Dorn: Gods help me. I'm doomed.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Dorn: So here we are again, in the eye of the storm.
Viconia: I rather think we ARE the storm.
Dorn: Aye. A whirlwind of chaos and death, striking out across Tethyr... My kind of fight.
Viconia: I'm glad you are at least having fun, jaluk.
Dorn: You are not?
Viconia: I prefer the shadows, Dorn.
Dorn: You worry we're too exposed?
Viconia: I always feel exposed up here. There is a difference between that and announcing our presence with a rain of fire.
Dorn: The terror in our enemies' eyes as their bodies burn is a reward worth the risk.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: I've been spying you from afar, Viconia, and your frankness, bearing, and grace have beguiled me quite profoundly.
Viconia: I'm certain there is a condition to your appraisal, Edwin. A Thayvian only has one person in their world: themselves.
Edwin: Hush, dear, nonsense. The reputation of my kindred is from untrustworthy sources. Like the dark elves, a victim of cruel machinations and falsehoods.
Viconia: Perhaps, wizard. Perhaps. Unlike yourself, however, I am an outcast from my people.
Edwin: Your brethren's loss is our gain... and a beautiful gain at that.
Viconia: Flattery will serve you no purpose, male. I will tell *you* when you may speak to me thus.

Viconia: Dark alleyways whisper rumors of the prowess of the Thayvian men, Edwin. Would this kind of vulgar tongue-wagging be claptrap or truth?
Edwin: This Thayvian male is as red-blooded as his cloak, Viconia. And has left many a concubine gasping under his erotic onslaught.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Edwin: I believe, Viconia, that I have gained a greater respect for your, ah... intensity through the course of our journeys.
Viconia: And I, Edwin, have grown no more appreciative of the sound of your voice since the day I first encountered its nasal whine.
Edwin: Eh...
Viconia: Walk away, Edwin, I am in no mood for you.

With Haer'Dalis[]

Haer'Dalis: I watch you, blackbird. I watch you, and 'tis as if you are a dancer pinned between two panes of glass called Bliss and Rage.
Viconia: If I am a dancer, then I dance for Shar. Take your leering eyes and turn them elsewhere, planesman.
Haer'Dalis: And as for being pinned between those panes of glass?
Viconia: I have loyalties that bind me, yes... Do not make bravery your downfall, male. Return to your world above: These depths are not for you. Izil phor, ji harl.

Viconia: Haer'Dalis, I blame you for this damnably hummable song playing again and again in my head, over and over. You are really quite a marvelous tunesmith, not to mention a clever mimic and talented mime.
Have you any new and lewd burlesque tunes that you might regale me with, musician?
Haer'Dalis: Viconia, do you truly think that because you are bewitching in appearance and have the throaty voice of the most expensive courtesan in King Wingding's House of Earthly delights...
...and a body built for untold pleasures that I would fall for such an old ploy? Blow a little sunshine and I will fall all over myself to gain your favor? Best think again, dark one.
Viconia: Men better than you have walked across lava to kiss a dog who's licked my hand, actor.
You're a dreamer, bard. I'm sure you can imagine lots of wonderful scenes... but they would not exceed the truth in intensity, depravity, or tenure, I assure you.
Haer'Dalis: Ah... er... pardon me for a moment whilst my head implodes.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: I feel your eyes roving over me, tiefling. Do you see something you desire?
Haer'Dalis: Ah, Viconia, my dusky jewel... I was merely admiring your natural grace, your striking beauty, and your exotic voice. You could surely have made a fine career on the stage.
Viconia: No doubt, my smooth-tongued bard. Yet I chose to put my talents to a greater purpose.
Haer'Dalis: What greater purpose could there be? 'Tis truly noble to court the approval of the audience.
Viconia: In drow society, we have no use for the theater. We act and dissemble to advance our station. An unconvincing performance ends not with boos and catcalls, but with slow and painful death.
Haer'Dalis: No use for theater? Please excuse this wounded sparrow's flight, but I must retreat beneath the onslaught of pain such a harsh and unimaginable world brings to my heart.

With Hexxat[]

Hexxat: You carry yourself well, Viconia.
Viconia: I have to.
Hexxat: A woman must work doubly hard to prove herself in this world.
Viconia: And a drow triply so.
Hexxat: But you do so, with grace and poise.
Viconia: You don't do so badly yourself.
Hexxat: When it comes to battle, my skills are passable. There are other places where I positively excel.
Perhaps I could show you some time.
Viconia: What are you suggesting, precisely...?
Hexxat: Sometimes a woman needs the company of another woman.
The feel of another woman's flesh upon her own.
Is that clear enough for you?
Viconia: It is a shame your flesh is so cold, or for a moment, I might have been tempted.
Hexxat: Consider the possibilities, Viconia. You'd have no regrets come the morning, I promise you.
Viconia: I have heard such promises before. None have proved accurate.

Hexxat: You intrigue me, drow.
Viconia: My kind are usually reviled, killed on sight, hated. Intrigue is not a typical reaction.
Hexxat: Few things about me could be called typical.
Viconia: That much is abundantly obvious.

If there's no romance with Hexxat or Viconia going on :

Viconia: I seem to have captured your attention, Hexxat. Is my neck particularly appetizing this <DAY/NIGHT>?
Hexxat: Not just your neck.
Viconia: Tell me more.

Some time after the previous dialogue :

Viconia: We must talk, Hexxat.
Hexxat: If you wish. But I can think of other, more stimulating ways to occupy our time.
Viconia: This has been—amusing, vampire. But if you think it is more than that, you are mistaken.
Hexxat: Ah. That is regrettable, but not wholly unexpected.
Viconia: Will you be all right?
Hexxat: You flatter yourself, drow. I've endured worse hurts than this in my time.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: It seems we are spending more and more time away from cities, Hexxat. Don't you get hungry?
Hexxat: It can be difficult.
Viconia: I would imagine. With all these lovely throats on display. You must be starving.
Hexxat: It's nothing I can't handle. Unless you're offering...?
Viconia: Another time, perhaps. I rather enjoy the attention.
Hexxat: Watch yourself, drow. A vampire's attention can be a dangerous thing.

With Imoen[]

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: I am curious over something, Imoen. Your sibling saved you from imprisonment and restored your soul. Yet for all this, you have never shown proper gratitude. Why is that?
Imoen: Proper gratitude? I'd hate to think what your idea of proper gratitude would be, Viconia.
Viconia: You owe <CHARNAME> your entire being. You should, at the very least, act as <HIS/HER> personal slave. Cater to <HIS/HER> every whim.
Imoen: <CHARNAME> is my half-<BROTHER/SISTER>, you know! I owe <HIM/HER> my life, but let's not take it that far!
Viconia: Your common parent is a god. This hardly counts towards any sort of common genetic bond, and it's even less of a reason to shirk what you owe <CHARNAME>.
Imoen: <CHARNAME> and I grew up together. I love <HIM/HER> just as I loved Gorion. <CHARNAME> might feel differently, I don't know... but it doesn't matter.
Come what may, no matter how bad things get or whatever <CHARNAME> does, I'll stick by <HIS/HER> side. I would die for <HIM/HER>, Viconia. I would give up the soul that <HE/SHE> saved for <HIM/HER>.
Viconia: Well, that would be a start.
Imoen: What about you, Viconia? How many times has <CHARNAME> saved *your* life? Would you do the same for <HIM/HER>? Would you put *your* life on the line?
(if Viconia is in a romance with Gorion's Ward:)
Viconia: I... I would. I love <HIMHER>, and you know this weakness of mine exists. Perhaps it is good that we have... something... in common, no? But enough of your mewling... let us be off.
(if Viconia is not in a romance with Gorion's Ward:)
Viconia: I... that was not the question, elg'caress. I support <CHARNAME> and always have, and I will not have you question me. Let us be off.

With Jaheira[]

Viconia: Tell me, Harper, who was who with your parentage? Father the darthiir, mother the rivvil? Or father human, mother elven? It's always confusing with crossbred mongrels.
Jaheira: Two people in love, swine. A rain not likely to soak your parade of scabbed obscenity anytime soon.

When in a forest :

Jaheira: Avert your eyes, dark elf! I'll not have you taint the beauty of the wood with your poison gaze.
Viconia: Would you deny me even the sight of the trees, Jaheira? I can appreciate the strength of the oaks even though I would never live amongst them.
Jaheira: I am not to be swayed by your words, creature. I know too much of you and your kind.
Viconia: Ooo, such delicious fire, though better it was turned on an enemy. I would be your ally, Jaheira; your strength might even bring you respect among my kind.
Jaheira: Lies. Such respect would grant me naught but a bigger tombstone, or a nameless grave in a slightly nicer tunnel.
Viconia: Granted, you might not live to make that favorable impression, but I still say it is so. Take that as you will.

With Jan[]

Jan: So, Viconia, I suppose you must be a drow, eh?
Viconia: Speak not to your betters, surface slave.
Jan: My brother, Elgar Buttercup, had skin the shade of charcoal, too. Well, technically it WAS charcoal. He died in a nasty fire, you see.
Viconia: You do love the sound of your own voice, don't you, gnome?
Jan: My own voice? Heartless wench! Do you not know? I am deaf. I have never heard the sound of my own voice. I read lips... *sob*... only lips...
Viconia: Deaf? Truly? In the Underdark, the deaf are killed or used in pain threshold experiments.
Jan: I heard that! In fact, it reminds me of the time I was eaten by an avatar of Lolth. I was stuck inside her stomach with a miserable drow called Biffle Chump for days. Of course, I was forced to eat him. A matter of survival, you understand. Nothing personal. He tasted a bit like chicken.
Viconia: <CHARNAME>, how is it that you travel with such a wee buffoon?
1. Player: Hey, don't look at me! You got him started.
Jan: What I would have given for just a pinch of pepper!
Viconia: I refuse to listen to this.
2. Player: Truthfully, it all goes back to the time that Jan's cousin, Plooty Paladin-piper, got caught in a nasty flesh-golem-eating contest...
Jan: Aye, Plooty had a way of attracting golems. Brilliant, really. You start with a saucer of milk—golems are suckers for milk...
Viconia: I refuse to listen to this.

Viconia: You're quite the entertainer, Jansen. 'Tis a shame you're so short, since your bent, sinister humors could sway my affections.
Jan: I'd not venture visiting your pleasures with the tool of another fellow, Viconia.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: Jan. While I would be tempted to let the situation play itself out, perhaps it is best if I warn you now.
Jan: Yes, my dusky little margarita? What warning would that be?
Viconia: You have a venomous spider on your neck. A lovely creature, known to cause an agonizing, bloodcurdling death within moments of injecting its nerve poison.
Jan: You know, this reminds me of the time Uncle Scratchy laid me flat with the handle of a horseman's flail. "Look behind you!" he says. "Why? What's behind me?" I say. "A Tiberian Dung Beetle!" he cries, looking frantic. So of course I scream in terror and look behind me... and lost a bag of the most scrumptious turnips ever to come out of Scornubel. Ma Jansen was furious, and the lump was more painful than six weeks with the Calishite itch.
Viconia: Oh, look. There it goes down the back of your shirt.
Jan: And then there was that time I took a drow at his word. "Bifflechips," says I, "you had better be telling the truth." And, of course, he swore up and down that he was. Needless to say, not four weeks later, I was stewing in the lower intestines of a giant cave wyrm without even so much as a torch or a sense of irony. I would have been a goner if gnomes weren't well known for causing severe bouts of intestinal gas.
Viconia: I wouldn't squirm about so much, you foolish jaluk. You're likely to anger it, and I have no spells that can counteract its particular poison.
Jan: Now, if I had a copper for every time— Eh, wait a second. I feel something... who's behind me? What *is* that back there?
Viconia: Did I not try to tell you? No doubt it is sinking its fangs into your gamey flesh as we speak.
I DON"T WANT TO—eh? Wait a minute, that's a fly. A dead fly. You mean I ripped off my own shirt for nothing?
Viconia: Ha ha! Sometimes life has its little rewards. Even for the drow.
Jan: You're a cruel, cruel woman, Viconia. Garl help me, but I am so turned on right now.
Viconia: All right, now I'm leaving.

With Keldorn[]

Viconia: My mistress of the Gray Wastes is not deserving of her reputation. There are no hatreds too petty, Keldorn, as to compel forgiveness. And as I'm certain you're well aware, all pains are hidden.
The mandate of your loyal order is deception and ruse, so misery is just another disguise for your gang of holy thugs' agenda is my guess. Yes?
Keldorn: Shar is a perverse travesty, drow! Her cult is seething with evil and bitter yield. She's a coven for the morose and pathetic.
Add another slight to the Order and you'll not reckon her secrets in the world of the living. Do you understand me, witch? Not a word in my direction. EVER.
Viconia: Stay your hostility, paladin. I seek no conflict with you or your order. I've witnessed your sargh and streeaka firsthand. My humblest apologies, suliss.

Keldorn: I urge you to reconsider the sheltering of this drow! However desperate be our mission, we make it worse by sheltering a demon such as her!
Viconia: Ha! Do you have a problem with my presence, male?
Keldorn: Aye, I do, drow. And if you last another day within this party, I shall do us all a favor and spit you on my blade.
Viconia: I look forward to your attempt... and to turning it against you. *starts 1-day timer*

One day later :

Keldorn: Your time is done, drow! I gave you your warning!
Viconia: How noble... and how foolish. *attacks Keldorn*

With Korgan[]

Korgan: Well, there be the rarest of sights.
Viconia: What's that, hargluk?
Korgan: One of yer baker-legged ilk out under the sun. Rumor has it ye melt, cook like lamb on the spit, or'll fall apart, all limbs askew.
Viconia: Your tone, like your manners, is absent of charm, Korgan. Our kinship as Those Below should be celebrated, not ridiculed. Though equals we are not.
Korgan: The Underdark I left a lifetime ago. Ye blackskins are all the same: good fer three things... owning, hunting, and killing.

Viconia: Korgan, I'm interested in whether your clan has ever had interaction with House DeVir?
It seems to me, if memory serves, that our sphere of influence was quite close to your Bloodaxe clan's stronghold near Talthalra Wern'nt Szithla Har'oloth.
Korgan: Nae speak that vile tongue to me, blackskin. If it moves, I've killed it, but if it be drow, I've tortured it fer days first.
As fer that House of yers, I burned it and relieved meself on the embers and dead. And the necklace of dark-elf ears fetched me a king's ransom in Waterdeep.

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: By the grace of Shar, what is that foul stench? *gag* Korgan, could you not have the decency to stand downwind of me?
Korgan: The only time I stand downwind of a dark elf is when I'm looking to add to my collection of drow ears! But dannae worry, ye dark witch, yer time will come.
Viconia: Toss your idle threats elsewhere, hargluk. I tolerate your presence for the same reason my kin tolerate your kind in the Underdark... you are a useful servant. But servants are easy to replace.
Korgan: Ye think yer healin' powers make ye indispensable, drow? I wonder, can ye raise yerself from the dead if I slit yer dusky throat?
Viconia: And why have you not already done so, Korgan? Like all your kind, you lack the courage to act when you fear the consequences of failure. That is why the drow use your kin as slaves.
Ah... the wind has shifted. I now have no reason to continue this discussion, dwarf.
Korgan: This isn't over, wench!
Viconia: Yes, Korgan... it is.

With Mazzy[]

Mazzy: Listen to me, drow. Though our leader has made the foolish choice of allowing you to join this party, you shall receive no welcome from me. Slayer of innocents! You taint the sun with your evil!
Viconia: Ha! You do not frighten me, tiny pretend-paladin. I've had taller footstools and am little concerned with whatever brawn your diminutive form could muster.
Mazzy: Cruel words will do you little good when your head is on a pike. Step across the line even once, and I will kill you.
Viconia: We shall see when Fate plays her hand who shall be the last one standing.

Viconia: Mazzy, I know little of you. I've the tiniest inkling we've met, or perhaps it was another of your diminutive people. You all look the same to me, I'm afraid.
Mazzy: Viconia, I'm not about to stoop to dignify your sordid taunts.
Viconia: My apologies, Mazzy, I thought you were stooping.

With Minsc[]

Viconia: Minsc, that tattoo on your face. Does it have tribal significance, or did some nursery's fingerpainting class assault you with blue pastels?
Minsc: I do not like the tone of your voice, dark elf! The face I have is the face the ladies love! Boo loves Minsc's face, too. Don't you, Boo? Don't you? Yes!

Throne of Bhaal only :

Viconia: Minsc, I am finding myself unable to deny your effectiveness in battle.
Minsc: Eh... Boo, was that a compliment?
Viconia: Oh, it was, and your response is the reason for my query. Just how old is Boo?
Minsc: Boo? He is young by the standards of his miniature giant cohorts.
Viconia: So he has exceeded the normal lifespan of a normal rodent of his type?
Minsc: I believe he takes offense to the term "rodent."
Viconia: Perhaps he bears examining. Some form of exploratory dissection. It was an art in my homeland.
Minsc: You know, try as he might, Boo just doesn't get your kind of humor.

With Nalia[]

Viconia: So, Nalia, saved any poor from their impoverished status lately? Your concerns for those in destitute poverty, something you would have little insight into, is rather... charming.
Perhaps that peculiar urgency of yours could be put to better use passing out noonmeats to vagabonds and coins of the realm to every cutpurse, hmm?
Nalia: Viconia, it's simply a matter of even distribution of goods. There are those whose consumption is a crime against nature, and that injustice should be corrected whenever possible.
Viconia: Your egalitarian streak is an affront to determinism. The poor remain poor because they are lacking in the self-will and determination to seek higher stations.
Your pity and endowments only serve to perpetuate their condition and diminish their motivation to improve their lot.
Nalia: My kinship with the disenfranchised is my own affair, Viconia. To deny the need to help our fellows is cruel arrogance. And I am simply not that type of person.
Viconia: That bleeding heart of yours must cost you a small fortune in laundering. Child, you're adrift in denial.

With Neera[]

Viconia: I dislike you, half-elf. Your shrill voice, your grating humor, and your childish thinking offend me.
Neera: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that...? Wait. What... what is that smell?
Viconia: I smell nothing.
Neera: By the gods, what IS that? Oh, wait, Viconia, it's just you. For a moment I thought <CHARNAME> had picked up a powerful cheese while I wasn't looking.
Viconia: You are ridiculous. Were it not for <CHARNAME>, you would be dead. I do not smell like cheese.
Neera: It's not bad, just a little pungent. Maybe you picked up the scent when you still worshipped Lolth? They say she lives in the Demonweb Pits. A place with that kind of name probably doesn't smell very pleasant.
Viconia: Be glad I do not still follow Lolth; if I did, you would be dying a painful death right now.
Neera: All right, Viconia, let me be direct for a second. You like directness, right? You started this conversation, and you started it by insulting me. "I dislike you." That's what you said.
Do you really think people will listen to anything you have to say when you talk to them like that? You called me childish. Is it less childish to threaten me? Yeah, really reasonable and adult.
Viconia: This conversation is over.
Neera: Good. Because you smell, and the smell is only getting stronger.

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: I know you worship Shar, Viconia, and you think we have little to discuss...
Viconia: There is nothing I wish to discuss with you.
Rasaad: ...But the Precepts of Incandescence are clear. It is my duty to recognize the light in others, not just the darkness.
Viconia: I don't want to hear about your precious Sun Soul philosophy, monk.
Rasaad: There is light in you, Viconia. I know there is.
Viconia: Keep talking and I'll paint this place red with your inner light.
Rasaad: I shall leave you for now.

With Sarevok[]

Viconia: Sarevok, may I share a whispered word with you?
Sarevok: Yes, drow? What is it you want?
Viconia: I miss the customs of my homeland, like the breaking in of new pleasure slaves. The largest and strongest were the hardest to break, but they were the most rewarding. Sarevok, I find your great size... intriguing.
Sarevok: Were you to break me, Viconia, you might find nothing but the chill emptiness of the grave within.
Viconia: That does not repulse me as you might imagine. We drow are ever eager to broaden our... experiences.
Sarevok: I orchestrated a war to slaughter thousands. I have felt the cold embrace of death. I have witnessed the horrors of the Abyss. But you, Viconia... you scare me.
Viconia: Cowards everywhere I turn! If you find your courage, Sarevok, seek me out.

Viconia: Sarevok, have you had the opportunity to consider my earlier offer? Untold pleasures await you if you would but submit to me.
Sarevok: I have considered it, Viconia. And I must reject you and your... temptations.
Viconia: A pity your manhood is so lacking. I am a cruel mistress, but my slaves always found their subjugation to be most satisfying to their own physical desires as well.
Sarevok: When Bhaal held sway over my soul, I reveled in the bloody carnage I wrought. But my will was not my own. As captivating as your dominance might be, Viconia, I will not surrender my being to the whims of another again... be they god or drow.
Viconia: Then you are of no further interest to me, rivvil... though I suspect your dreams will be filled with dark imaginings of the hedonistic pleasures you have denied yourself. But even your dreams will be but a pale shadow of my true decadence.
Sarevok: Of that, Viconia, I have no doubt.

With Valygar[]

After Lavok's death, between 6 AM and 9 AM :

Valygar: *sigh* What a beautiful day. And what makes it even better is that I am truly a free man.
Viconia: So joyful, ranger? You find some happiness, perhaps, in the slaughter of a relative?
Valygar: I find some pleasure in being able to walk freely, drow.
Viconia: Ah. I thought perhaps it was the murder of your uncle... or whatever he was. We have similarities in drow culture to such a thing.
Valygar: I'll not be baited by you, Viconia. I have no pleasant thoughts of Lavok's death.
Viconia: Indeed? You seemed eager enough before. Perhaps he was not as evil as you thought, hm? Perhaps he should have had "evil" written across his chest?
Valygar: I... I still know evil when I see it, Viconia. I am just... just...
Viconia: Oh, well then by all means, do point it out to me when you see it next. I would love to hear your interpretation.
Valygar: Enough! I see it well enough in you, drow! Begone!

Viconia: Valygar, do you realize you have twigs in your hair? Dirt under your fingernails and mud on your boots? You're a filthy mess. Ha! How can I be discreet? Take a bath.
Valygar: And your point, Viconia? We're all filthy. We're all unwashed and tired and hungry. Shut up and tell someone who cares.

Viconia: I have been thinking, ranger... and I have decided that I do feel sorry for you.
Valygar: Hmph! And why is that, Viconia?
Viconia: Your family. Once so wealthy and so powerful. To be left with only a lowly male as its last member. How truly sad that is.
Valygar: My family was cursed during its existence. If I am the last of the Corthalas, it will be a well and good thing.
Viconia: Have you no desire to produce more of your kind? Perhaps you have been rebuffed in your attempts, or perhaps your desires lie elsewhere, hmm?
Valygar: There is nothing that I would tell you, drow, no matter your comments.
Viconia: Ah, yes. A sad, sad, thing. To be a lowly male and to retreat from the pleasures of the female flesh.
Valygar: I like women well enough, Viconia! Leave me be!
Viconia: Of course, Valygar, of course. I shall leave you to your sad suffering.

With Yoshimo[]

Viconia: Yoshimo, I must admit something to you, and don't think me too brusque, but there's something in your easy banter and casual manner that I find fraudulent.
Perhaps it's calculated ease, but your nimble wit belies something else, something unclean. I can't say I trust your balmy charm.
Yoshimo: Viconia, by this light, your eyes are a gorgeous shade of alizarin crimson, deep, mysterious and inviting. Has anyone ever told you that?
Viconia: I see. There are matters so solemn that only levity cures their sting.
Your joviality is a clever cloak to hide agenda and ambitions... but I'll be sure to armor my back to deflect the blade you'll surely aim there.

Siege of Dragonspear dialogues[]

With Corwin[]

Corwin: What are you playing at here, drow?
Viconia: I'm sorry?
Corwin: I can't figure you out. What's the draw? What do you hope to gain from helping in this effort?
Viconia: Is it so hard to believe I might seek outcasts like myself, looking for companionship or even... support?
Corwin: It's very hard to believe. And that little speech doesn't make me believe it any more.
Viconia: You are a clever woman. I begin to see why our friend <CHARNAME> tolerates you.

With Minsc[]

Viconia: You show such devotion to your companions, your witch and your... hamster, is it? It's an appealing trait you have.
Minsc: Oho! What game do you play here, evil elf-lady? It would take more than compliments to make Minsc trust you!
(if present in party:)
Safana: Hmph. The barbarian's not completely without sense, who would've thought.
Viconia: You are too suspicious, pale one. I merely made an observation.
Minsc: You do more than that. You said loyalty is appealing, but Minsc has heard that drow betray eachother at every turn!
Viconia: Oh, they do, that's why your loyalty appeals.

With Dynaheir[]

Dynaheir: Thou hast poor reasons for making this journey, drow.
Viconia: There are better reasons than survival and profit? I've yet to find them.
Dynaheir: Thou'rt in the Underdark no longer. Perhaps thou should'st make more of an effort to adapt to the surface world's ways.
Viconia: And if I did, what would it benefit me? My skin is black, my hair white. I am drow. Nothing I do will change how surfacers see me.
Dynaheir: Thou'rt wrong, Viconia. In the end, actions are what define us - not the color of our skin.
Viconia: That is what you want to believe, waela. I have been taught differently, and I learned my lessons well.

With Rasaad[]

Rasaad: Sharran.
Viconia: Selunite.
Rasaad: For the moment, we must focus all our attention on Caelar's crusade. But when that is dealt with, we shall have words, you and I.
Viconia: I look forward to it, ussta ogglin. You will be crying out my name in the dark before I finish with you.
Rasaad: I what? No, I meant we would... You misunderstand.
Viconia: One of us does. I've never seen anyone turn that shade of red before. Perhaps you have learned a lesson today?

With Safana[]

Safana: You've got a pretty good racket going on there.
Viconia: Pardon, rivvil?
Safana: The "lady of mystery" thing. The beautiful drow: Who is she? What's her story? Subtlety, it drives men crazy. Maybe I'll give it a try someday..
Viconia: I wouldn't. It's not in your nature.

With Edwin[]

Edwin: (Steady, Edwin. Approach casually, make pleasant conversation.) So, Viconia... You are a feebleminded god-slave, and not a wielder of great arcane power?
Viconia: Hold your tongue, wael, or I will tear it from your mouth. Shar grants me powers beyond your imagining. They are nothing to scoff at.
Edwin: You misunderstand! I meant only that I am surprised you beg for scraps of power from Shar's table. I had heard the drow are extraordinary wizards.
Viconia: The males at Sorcere are, dobluth. I am not. Speak no more of this, lest you learn what power I have firsthand.
Edwin: There's no need for threats. (You try to compliment some people and what do you get?)

With Baeloth[]

Baeloth: Ulu z'hin maglust dal Qu'ellar lueth Valsharess zhah ulu z'hin wund lil phalar?
Viconia: We work together at their side now. Xun izil dos phuul quarthen, lueth dro.

With M'Khinn[]

Viconia: Of all the surfacers here, I think you are the most likely to understand me.
M'Khinn: Don't know anything about dark elfs.
(if present in party:)
Corwin: You can count yourself lucky for that.
Viconia: Humans and their ilk hate and persecute us. We were both born to vicious societies, with the strongest and most ruthless ruling over the weak.
M'Khinn: Sounds like my tribe.
Viconia: The cringing males creep in our shadows while the women run our great cities.
M'Khinn: Except for that part.

With Glint[]

Viconia: We have gnomes in the Underdark as well, you know.
Glint: Svirfneblin? I wouldn't call them gnomes, exactly. Not GNOME-gnomes. They're a dour lot, aren't they? Dusty. And grim.
Viconia: I have met few of them. Menzoberranzan marched on the svirfneblin city Blingdenstone once. But they escaped our wrath.
Glint: Those were some very lucky gnomes.
Viconia: We drow make tenacious enemies. Their luck may not last.

With Jaheira[]

Jaheira: It's little wonder the drow are so evil and twisted. To never see the sun or breathe fresh air... it is not a healthy way to live.
Viconia: You only say so because the sun does not burn you, darthiir.
Jaheira: You have walked beside me in the light before. The sun hurts you no more than it does any other.
Viconia: Had you lived in the cool and quiet dark of Menzoberranzan before ascending to the surface world's blinding light, you might think differently.
Jaheira: I suppose I should have expected no better from a disciple of the Nightsinger.
Viconia: And I nothing better from a waela o'dad.

With Khalid[]

Khalid: K-keep your distance, drow.
Viconia: I am merely walking, abban. No need for alarm.
Khalid: You should know I d-don't trust you. I'm prepared to defend myself.
Viconia: From what? I have no desire to harm you. Our goals are aligned, for the moment.
Khalid: It's the m-moment they aren't that worries me.

With Dorn[]

Viconia: So, you too know how it feels to receive instruction from a higher power.
Dorn: Do not compare your worship of Shar to the patronage of Ur-Gothoz. They are nothing alike.
Viconia: No? They seem most similar to me. Both offer power we could never attain alone in exchange for devotion.
Dorn: We are in no way alike, drow. Ur-Gothoz is no remote deity. His orders sound with perfect clarity in my ear.
Viconia: I wonder, is there anyone you would be content being compared to?
Dorn: There are none like me. None can understand the path I walk.
Viconia: My race and circumstances isolate me. You isolate yourself. There is a price to be paid for that, errdegahr rothe.

With Neera[]

Neera: So, Viconia. Viiiiiiconia. Vicci. Can I call you Vicci?
Viconia: Even you cannot be so fool as to ask this in earnest. Is this some ill-advised attempt at humor?
Neera: Viconia, then. Fine. In that case, you must call me Neera.
Viconia: I have called you nothing else.
Neera: Haven't you ever wanted to, though? Maybe... Neers?
Viconia: Definitely not.
Neera: Peanut? Doll? Pinky?~.
Viconia: Your antics do not amuse me, girl. Begone.

With Voghiln[]

Voghiln: Ho ho there, mistress drow! Never have I seen a dark elf before, nor traveled with one. Ja, I have known them not. You are the first to be so... close...
Viconia: Back away, iblith, or I will teach you more of our ways than you ever wanted to know.
Voghiln: Ho ho! I am beginning to understand these ways already, I think!