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The halfling Varia is one of five thieves found in Mae'Var's former guildhall when it becomes your Thieves' Guild Stronghold, if Gorion's Ward is a thief. Her preferred activity is providing "protection" and keeping embarrassing facts about powerful people safe... for a fee.

Varia likes to offer this service to the merchants of the outlying towns, such as Trademeet, but she'll work in Athkatla if need be. In her blackmail endeavors, she usually sticks to minor government officials, but she'll risk targeting her efforts on higher-level officials if more coin is required to keep the guild profitable.

So you're the new head of the guild? I'll tell you right now, I preferred Mae'Var's style. He kept his friends close. You... you I don't know. Don't seem all that on the ball to me.

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