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Vampyre is a unique Undead creature in the game. It has its own Race and Class but shares similarities with the Vampire race.

You may encounter it in the Southern Dungeons as part of Help Korgan Recover the Book of Kaza quest. The creature's game file name is linked to the Lich Nevaziah.

It uses the male vampire animation, can be struck with normal weapons, has no elemental resistance except vs. Poison and conducts a potent Level drain melee attack.

Game Play[]

As the creature shares many similarities with the Vampire, including the vampire abilities, melee attack and the most common vampire AI script - from a game play perspective they are almost identical. They will fight with their touch attack (with 3 Attacks per round) and attempt Vampire Domination innate ability at available targets in range. When reduced to zero Hit points the creature goes into "Gas Cloud Form" and flees the battlefield. They have a rather low XP reward of 2,000 and carry no droppable items.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems makes many changes to this creature. The Hit Dice are decreased to 13, has 100 HP, 20 strength and dexterity and 19 constitution. Improved THAC0 and Armor Class is realized. It has the standard vampire cold and electricity damage resistance. The creature is also assigned the "Improved Vampires" default AI script. In addition, it now requires +2 enchanted weapons to hit it. It will now behave in similar fashion to a Vampire (Elder). However, it still provides only 2,000 XP if defeated.


Vampyres are a race of predators from the Ravenloft campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons.[1] Unlike the one undead "named" Vampyre found in Baldur's Gate II, actual vampyres are living pack creatures that do not possess the strengths or weaknesses that vampirism and undeath provide. They look like normal humans or half-elves. Most of the time they keep to themselves in human-like homes, living in packs no larger than a dozen members, and hunt humanoids to feed on their blood. On rare occasions, they blend in human communities and keep their predatory nature a secret.


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