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Vampiric Touch (innate) is an innate ability available to predominantly Tanar'ri demon creatures. It is also referred to as "Tanar'ri Vampiric Touch" in the script. The ability is initiated via script by the AI.


The effect is directed at a single creature, within detection range of the source creature and it is only applied to enemies in close quarters range.

The ability is force cast and cannot be interrupted or disrupted.

The Vampiric Touch has no saving throw and immediately applies a 6d6 magical damage to the target. The effect is instantly applied and cannot be dispelled. Once the damage is applied, the caster receives a temporary Maximum Hit Point increase of 11, which lasts for 300 seconds. These extra hit points are non-magical and cannot be dispelled from the caster.

If affected by the ability, the party member will have a lighting effect displayed over their map animation and a sound effect will be played.

Vampiric Touch will bypass Magic resistance but can be blocked by spell protections such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Minor Spell Deflection and similar, as the internal Spell Power of the touch is level 3. As the ability is school-less and has no "secondary type", Spell Immunity and Cloak of Mirroring or similar will have no interaction.