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Vampire Fear is an innate ability available to predominantly Vampire creatures, and mostly more experience ones. The ability is initiated via script by the AI. The effect is directed at a single creature target in visible range of the source creature and may affect any enemies of the vampire within the targeted creature's radius.

The Vampire Fear ability will require the target and those in the AoE to make a Saving throw vs. spell with a -4 penalty or suffer a Panic effect or a -2 THAC0 penalty that lasts 12 seconds. If the affected creature has less than 4 Hit Dice, it saves to negate Panic. If the creature has between 4-14 Hit Dice, it saves to avoid a THAC0 penalty. If the creature is 15 Hit Dice or greater, it will be unaffected.

The effect is non-magical and can't be dispelled. Once the effect duration has expired or otherwise been lifted, the target will no longer suffer Panic.

If affected by the ability, the targeted party member will have a "Panic" graphic Icon (No.36) displayed on their portrait until removed or the duration expires.

Vampire Fear will bypass Magic resistance and cannot be blocked by spell protections such as Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Trap.

Note: Due to the methodology to implement the internal effect codes of this innate ability, a creature protected from Panic that is between experience levels 4-14 can still suffer a THAC0 penalty if the saving throw is missed. This includes a spell such as Remove Fear, or the Enrage ability - although both of those examples will not allow the Panic Icon to display.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revised this to change the ability to a secondary type "Disabling" and changed the spell power level to 1 from 9, like most innate abilities. Game Play won't be affected.