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Ah, Jansen! Been here all the time while your cronies look for a cure. She recovered on her own. No thanks to you.

— Vaelag

Vaelag is Lissa's husband. He makes an appearance after Jaella is found to be healed by the Hidden. A commotion occurs while the party is visiting Jan after the Hidden was told that his demand's to slay the Githyanki were fulfilled by the party, and Jaela was healed. When the party follows Jan downstairs onto the ground floor, Vaelag with two cohorts is seen. Soon, Vaelag, Lissa and Jan have a mix it up with heated dialogue. Jan isn't fond of Vaelag, and the feeling is mutual. Various insults and threats are made, and Vaelag storms off with his two bodyguards.

Jan remarks that he may need some assistance if the time comes to face Vaelag. Thus ends the Jan Jansen Summoned Home quest line. Jan rejoins the party.

Note:Vaelag and both armed guards can be attacked, briefly, as they exit the Jansen Home. They do not go hostile but just make way to de-spawn from the area. If slain before they leave, then XP rewards are gained, and bodies can be looted. No one acknowledges this action, as if it never happened, and there are no repercussions. It probably is not meant to be done by the player, and thus there is no dialogue from Lissa, who's husband was just slain by the party.


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Mod content[]

Jan's Extended Quest mod will pick up where this episode has left off - seemingly unresolved. The mod explores Jan and Vaelag's adversarial relationship, as well as another quest, and seeks to provide a closure of sorts, and further intrigue with the seedy Athkatla power dynamic and criminal underworld.