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Vadek is a mage accomplice of Galvena in the Brothel Prison of Brynnlaw.

Galvena! We have a guest.


Vadek is adjacent to Galvena in a small corridor when the party makes their way into the close proximity of the two. Galvena is addressing the battered and tortured Claire. The party overhears various statements made, and Claire who sobs that she has always been loyal. Apparently, Galvena has decided to execute her, for various internal courtesan transgressions. That's the point when the party has arrived, non-too soon as it would happen. There is a chance to free Claire from this fate after all.

More debate and statements are made by Galvena and Vadek regarding the party's interruption - which not surprisingly leads to a hostile reaction. Vadek will attempt to begin spell casting to destroy the party, and Galvena will advance - wielding her flail. All this action occurs with poor Claire in a cell just feet away. Careful with Area of Effect spells in this tight space, as those could injure Claire and make the rescue moot. Claire has no protections from friendly fire, and if killed, it will end the whole mission.

Vadek's contribution to this conflict will hinge on if he can survive counterattacks long enough to not get disrupted and cast spells that can affect your party. To assist with avoiding an initial attack on himself, he discharges an uninterruptible prepared Mislead, Spell Immunity Invocation and Stoneskin contingency style buff. Vadek's script never uses PfMW or another invisibility option, nor does it have a counter to summoned creatures. by using Death Spell, and Vadek will not attempt a Remove or Dispel magic.

Vadek will however try and release a Greater Malison/Chaos combination to disable the party, before moving onto damage dealing spells. If the nearest or second nearest enemy to him is protected with some kind of spell protection, he can launch a Secret Word, Pierce Magic and or Breach.

If defeated, Vadek will drop an enchanted Quarterstaff and also has a score of enchanted darts.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this mage and has assigned an Enchanter kit with a different set of memorized spells and new default "Smarter Mage" AI. At the outset of the hostilities a self-buff extrapolation automatically launches containing Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Minor Spell Deflection, Spell Immunity Divination, Protection From Normal Missiles. Stoneskin and Non-Detection. Now, invisible and resistant to Oracle and True Sight, Vadek can transition to attacking the party via magic.

SCS scripts will select appropriate spells and use of further sequencers or contingencies predicated by an assessment of the party's actions, protections, and vulnerabilities, so there is a wide range of further spell casts. Many are based on the Enchantment School for disabling the party.

Vadek has the following prepared for immediate launch:
Minor Sequencer with Mirror Image and Shield (spell).
Spell Sequencer with Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin and Minor Spell Deflection.

With the Spell Revisions mod Vadek's spells will be the SR versions.