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VAMP1.ITM is an undroppable melee weapon used by various Vampire creatures, including Ulvaryl. It is placed in one of the creature's "Quick Weapon" slots.

It is considered a magical and +4 enchanted item and deals 1d6 (crushing) damage (adjusted by Strength modifier), with a range of one foot, and speed factor of 0.

It has two effects:

The first is applied on a successful hit to the target. A Level drain effect is initiated upon the target creature, draining three experience levels. There is no resistance or saving throw provided. The item plays an animation on the target - a lighting effect and a color fade. A text string reference is displayed in the combat information screen indicating "Three Levels Drained".

Note: In terms of the "Three Levels Drained" text displayed, if a party member is protected from level drain by an item, spell or innate ability, then the text will be blocked. Examples include the Amulet of Power, Negative Plane Protection spell, or Enrage ability.

The other effect provided by the item gives the Vampire immunity to the spell Nature's Beauty.