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Ust Natha Tavern is a two-story tower structure located in Ust Natha. The ground floor serves as a large common area with a series of tables and seating, a bar, entertainment fighting pit, a dueling arena, as well as a Rest/Lust Chamber area. There is a staircase leading to an upper second floor.

Attacking or making hostile any of of the drow patrons or staff will alert all the drow in the city that you are an enemy to be destroyed. Any open or incomplete quests involving the drow will be unable to continue. As you are "visiting" drow, all Ust Natha residents view you with a mixture of disdain, curiosity and suspicion. You are of a lesser status in Ust Natha. Keep that in mind with your behavior.


  • Baragh is a male drow, who is engaged in the popular activity of "Story Telling" in the tavern. If you converse with him, he starts off with "We are telling tales, <MALEFEMALE>, of our feats and history. It is an old custom of Ust Natha... something you would be unfamiliar with, Nasadran". More dialogue is available, if you desire.
  • Ilmryn is a male drow fighter, who is attentively listening and also telling of his warrior prowess. If engaged he begins with "Greetings to you, <MALEFEMALE>. You are one who is recently from Ched Nasad, correct? I have heard of you". More dialogue is available if you wish.
  • Lasaonar is a skilled drow male fighter who takes on four adversaries at once in the dueling arena. If you speak with the arena manager, you can find out more.
  • Chalinthra Is another skilled female drow fighter/cleric whom it may be possible to duel - based on party composition and dialogue choices.
  • Merinid is a male drow fighter, also involved in the story telling. If you engage him he says "Greetings to you, O potent <MALEFEMALE>. Stay for a time, if you wish... The group of us here are sharing exploits and tales of the past. Something I doubt you Nasadrans have time for, eh?. Additional dialogue is selectable.
  • Nym Khalazza is an elderly drow male. He is off to the side but listening in on the "Story Telling". If engaged he is started and exclaims "Ahh! I didn't see you approach. My failing eyes shall net me a blade in my back soon enough, I swear it. I should be at home, dying properly like an old male drow, rather than here listening to tales so often". You may freely converse for more dialogue with Nym.
  • Szordrin is the Fighting Pit Manager for the tavern.
  • Sondal is the Duel Manager for the tavern.
  • Tathlyn is a male drow fighter, with some really strong opinions.

NPC screenshots (with some mod content)[]

Tavern encounters[]


Drow Bartender: is available for food, drink and the opportunity to rest, and perhaps more. He'll reply to your call for service with "As you say, beds and spirits, that is what I am here for." The cost to rest here is 30 Gold Pieces for an 8-hour period. During that period, you will not be disturbed or molested. This tavern employee is not particularly patient or willing to have a lengthy conversation, but he may provide a bit more information if you engage. The Bartender also has some goods available in his Store.

Dueling Arena[]

Duel Arena Manager: Sondal is ready to answer your question about the duels taking place in a gated and partially enclosed area of the tavern. If addressed, he opens with "Welcome. I trust that you have come to my dueling arena because you are tired of seeing pitiful monsters put to death in the name of sport.." There are a series of duels available for a single party member to attempt. You'll first have to observe a match between Lasaonar and several other drow warriors. He'll win the duel. Through dialogue with Sondal and Lasaonar, he'll challenge the party representee to a fight.

  • If the fight goes your way, Lasaonar will eventually give up and accept defeat. An XP reward is furnished (30,000), as well as the special bastard sword he surrenders to you, the victor. That blade is known as the Blade of Searing.
  • The party may also try a death match with Chalinthra, who'll show up and make known that she will be your next match and will attempt to redeem Lasaonar's defeat, should the party desire to continue with the challenge. She is a drow priestess with some divine spell casting and melee fighting capabilities and would relish a chance to exact revenge for Lasaonar's defeat.
  • Now, if the party wishes, they can continue to participate in more duels. This is initiated with Sondal, and they do not have to be done immediately or back-to-back, but the correct responses must be given in the dialogue chain to make them happen.
  • Other matches are available for Mage class party members to combat other drow spell casting opponents. Multi-class mage or dual-class mage party members may also participate.
  • After several matches, all of Sondal's available opponents will be used up, and as the party continues to accumulate victories, few challengers will be willing to fight. In the end, Sondal will no longer have any more duel matches. Your party will reap the rewards and loot, as well as begrudging respect from the drow for your courage in battle.

Arena gallery (with some mod content)[]

Beast Fighting Pit[]

Fighting Pit: Speak with Szordrin. If you are female then he says "Greetings, lovely female. I am Szordrin, the manager of the fighting pit... entertainment for us all and a chance to gain Lolth's favor". If you are male he says "Greetings, fellow male. I am Szordrin, manager of the fighting pit. Here the courageous battle enslaved beasts for the glory of Lolth... and our entertainment". Should you agree to have a party member enter the fighting pit, you basically agree to battle to the death. A brief time is allowed to enter the pit, and then the door to it will be barred behind you. Soon thereafter a beast will appear via a teleportation-like animation in the pit. Hostilities immediately begin. Should you win, the door will open, and you should leave the pit and speak with Szordrin again. Some dialogue and a reward will be passed on for the effort and victory. Another match is offered as well. A total of four beasts are currently available to fight in the pit. Each one is progressively more difficult to defeat (in theory) with a higher monetary reward. Should you defeat all of the offered fights, a global will be set, which can influence your dialogue choices and how you are perceived by the drow in the city. You can build a bit of respect and fame in Ust Natha from winning in the pit.

Creatures of the fighting pit[]

Fighting pit gallery (with some mod content)[]

Ust Natha Tavern Second Floor[]

Ust Natha Tavern Second Floor is the uppermost floor of the Inn, only accessible via a staircase from the ground floor of the tavern below. The party enters on an open platform to which are connected two bed chambers (to the west) and a smaller descending stairway leading to another platform (to the east). From this platform is a staircase ascending to a larger platform (to the north) with a huge cage in the center. A ramp descends from the western part of this chamber leading to an observation pier above a pool of reddish muck of some sort.

This floor is heavily decorated with lush decor on the walls and ceiling. The mixed scent of incense and aromatic spices is intoxicating. Faint sounds of lust and pain drift and echo in the dim chambers. From the east is a discernable cry of anguish, then a muted explosion - followed by a chorus of laughter.

There are eight drow upon this floor, and three drow prisoners in the cage structure. You are free to engage any of them in dialogue.

Lust chambers[]

UN Tavern Lust Chamber

On the main entry platform stand two male drow. The one to the party's right (east) if spoken to says "Leave me be, <MALEFEMALE>. I am here to enjoy the time my House has given me to rest... and I do not intend to spend it talking to you.

The one to your left (west) is garbed as an Inn employee, and bids you welcome. If engaged in dialogue he may say "You come from Ched Nasad. I have heard that the Nasadrans are stuffy and conservative. I am intrigued to see if this matter is the truth or not".

You observe a female drow within a lust chamber. She holds a weapon in one hand and a goblet of drink in the other, and half smiles at you wryly. If you speak with her, she may say "My most recent male has already left the chambers, and I am not prepared for another partner. Allow me time to rest."

UN Tavern Special Massage

In the other lust chamber appears a handsome male drow, also garbed as an Inn employee. He says "I greet you, <MALEFEMALE>, by the Dark Mother and the pleasure her children are entitled to. Here we breathe spices of luxury and enjoy the fruits of our conquests".

If a male party member engages this drow, then the conversation ends quickly. However, a female party member gets an additional dialogue choice to partake in a special sensual oiled massage that will act as a rest period and also an extra feature that will heal all damage upon the party member.

If you head east and onto the descending stairs you'll observe a female drow patron. She ignores you and is self-absorbed.

Entertainment prisoners[]

UN Tavern House Devir Prisoners

Within a decorative yet functional cage are seen three drow prisoners. Two other drow outside the cage structure taunt and belittle them. One says "Fools! You should have fallen with your House!. The other exclaims "Now the Mother Lolth has sentenced you to eternal torment in the Demonweb Pits! It is no less than you deserve!". One of the Prisoners cries out with "No! We are loyal to the Spider Queen! We are her faithful servants!". It is up to you if you wish to intervene or get involved with this activity. If you have Viconia in your party, there may be some awkward looks.

UN Tavern Prisoner Entertainment

Past the cage and down a ramp to the pier structure is a cheerful drow who says to you "Greetings, friend. Have you tried this amusement? You simply press the button here, and one of the foolish slaves who stands on that rune explodes!".

You can try it for yourself for a fee if you are inclined. Perhaps if you are having a problem with a High Reputation, then this may be one way to reduce it.


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