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Not to be confused with Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II).

BG1 Unfinished Buisness is a mod by the Pocket Plane Group which restores cut quests, areas and other content in Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast.

The current version is compatible with the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

List of Components[]

  • Ice Island Level Two Restoration
  • The Mysterious Vial
  • Additional Elminster Encounter
  • Angelo Notices Shar-teel
    • Angelo Dosan now notices his daughter if she is in the player's party when they are captured and he will release them for her sake.
  • Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest
  • Coran and the Wyverns
  • Kivan and Tazok
  • Branwen and Tranzig
  • Safana the Flirt
  • Appropriate Albert and Rufie Reward
  • Place Entar Silvershield in His Home
    • Adds Entar Silvershield to his home though he still has nothing to say about his dead son and will call the guards if spoken to.
  • Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter
  • Quoningar, the Cleric
  • Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi
    • Restores the quest the Ogre-Magi to the game.
  • Edie, the Merchant League Applicant
    • Restores a the quest Cheating on the Entrance Examination.
  • Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements
  • Creature Corrections
  • Creature Restorations
  • Creature Name Restorations
  • Minor Dialog Restorations
  • Audio Restorations
  • Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations
  • Item Corrections and Restorations
  • Area Corrections and Restorations
  • Permanent Corpses
  • Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Immunity
  • The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections
  • Sarevok's Diary Corrections
  • Prism and the Emeralds Tweak
  • Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building

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