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Who in the blazes are ye? Small noses, rancid smell... hmm... be ye gibberlings?

— Uncle Gerhardt

Uncle Gerhardt is located in The Jansen Home cellar. The party was directed to go speak with his Uncle, to see if his slightly off-kilter relative can assist with a means to find out what he knows regarding Lissa's daughter, Jella, and her undiagnosed illness. Go down to the cellar and speak with Uncle Gerhardt.

A series of back-and-forth rambling comments will take place between Gerhardt and the party spokesperson. These must be navigated in a certain fashion, in order to glean some actual clues as to what can be done to find a cure for Jella.

Eventually, the party learns that a Lady Jysstev in the Jysstev Estate may know where to find The Hidden, who Gerhardt has cryptically claimed can heal Jella. After finding out this information, return to speak with Jan and tell him what Gerhardt has passed on, this will continue the progress in the Jan Jansen Summoned Home quest.

Edwin, if in the party, has some unflattering things to say about Uncle Gerhardt. He may not be wrong in his opinion.


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