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Umar is a female mage who is the antagonist during the third subquest in the Ranger-Protector of the Umar Hills ranger stronghold questline. She will appear in the village of Imnesvale portraying herself as the evil Umar Witch, threatening the villagers, and ordering them to leave immediately.

In reality she is just someone who wants to lay claim to the abandoned Temple of Amaunator and is scaring the villagers to prevent them from finding out what her plans are before she's finished setting up her land grab.

Obviously, I was wrong. But I will not allow intruders here, fool! I claim this place! It's mine! Mine!


Umar will probably open up the battle by a Mislead spell cast, followed by Spell Immunity Invocation, then Stoneskin and Minor Globe of Invulnerability. She'll cast Death Spell if any summoned creatures are observed. If a mage or cleric is seen they may be targeted with Pierce Magic and Power Word, Silence. The remaining spells shown in the InfoBox are all scripted for use by either timing or if certain conditions are met. Most spell casts by Umar can be interrupted, so she can be rendered ineffective with the right tactics.


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Mod Content[]

Playing with Sword Coast Stratagems Mod and or the Spell Revisions Mod and selecting the Smarter Mages Component will replace the AI script for Umar with script dw#mg405. This script will be much more challenging than the basic or EE version of Umar. Expect contingencies and sequencers, and arcane level 6 and 7 offensive spells directed at you. Umar is now assigned a Necromancer specialist mage kit by SCS.

Upon hostilities commencing, she will launch a series of uninterruptible self-buffs including Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Minor Spell Deflection, Spell Immunity Invocation, Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, Spirit Armor and Stoneskin.

After the self-buff, another instant preparation spell will go off adding a summoned Skeleton Warrior to Umar's allies to contend with. From now on the advanced SCS script will select further spell casting from the witch based on opponent vulnerability assessments and targeting options. She can deploy many different spells including offensive damage types, divination, disabling and also can cast Remove Magic, Secret Word and Breach if certain protections are observed on the party. Additional protective contingencies will also instantly reapply if he defenses are removed, dispelled or stripped away, such as Minor Globe, Mantle, Stoneskin, shield etc.

The witch has the following prepared to launch:

Watch out for more summoned creatures (such as shadows or a fiend) and the Finger of Death (wizard).

Her Imp familiar is also a spell caster with SCS and has use of many first through third level arcane spells like Horror, Spook, and Skull Trap.

Note that with Spell Revisions she will have the SR spell versions, which means no Spell Immunity but "Dispel Shield", and Mantle replaced with "Prismatic Mantle". Her most powerful summoned creature will also be a gated Death Knight (a truly deadly creature - especially with SCS's Improved Fiends component).