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Ulma is a tavern wench in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and can be found in Vyatri's Pub.

Hey sexy. Do ya wanna take a look at me diddeys?

— Ulma


Animal Trouble[]

During the Animal trouble in Trademeet if Cernd is in the party:

"If you're bringing that druid in here, you can forget being served! Out you go!"

Even if Cernd is not in the party yet, Ulma is suspicious of strangers but she grudgingly she says:

"Hmph. You're probably working for those druids and have come to kill us all, haven't you? Weellll, I suppose if Vyatri's willing to serve you, I can too."

Genie Trouble[]

The animal trouble is over, but the genies aren't gone yet:

"If you folk are so brave, why don't you do something about those genies? Then we could get some real wine here, again, for once."

"All anyone does, now, is complain about those genies. Food's becoming scarce... I suppose there's no pleasing people, is there?"


The animal trouble is over, and Mazzy is not in the party:

"You look familiar... do you know Mazzy Fentan? She's a famous adventurer from here in town. I think maybe she's mentioned you."

"Mazzy Fentan is our best adventuress... a real fighter, and that's something... for a halfling. She grew up here, you know."

Trouble No More[]

After the animals and genies have been dealt with:

"Greetings to you, patron. This is Vyatri's inn, and I'm willing to serve you your drinks, so long as there's no groping, pinching or other unpleasantness."

"I suppose you folk are heroes or something, hm? Well, that won't get you your drinks any faster. Sit down, I suppose... or talk to Vyatri."

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