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Ol raugh corl sargh? Xunder to thuldin sonn? Thuldul ol torst?

— Uder Mordin

Uder Mordin is a duergar merchant who can be found in the Underdark. He has some specific dialogue that can help fill-in and add to an understanding of recent events in the Underdark, your quest for Jon Irenicus, and possibly the A Mage Imprisoned? quest. Uder is partners with two other duergar merchants, Carlig and Finderlig.

Continued dialogue and questions and remarks will eventually give the party several clues regarding Irenicus and Bodhi's and previous sightings of them, as well as a mysterious battle taking place in their local area, and a disappearance of a mage via magic.


The depreciation rate at his store is 10%, double the normal 5%.


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