Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

This cave will be a location that the party is transferred to by the Asylum Apparition, depending on how the party answered certain questions as part of the tests necessary during the Escaping the asylum quest.

Note:The only path to be transported to this room stems from the Elven Table while Spellhold Test encounter. All of the riddles presented there must be answered correctly for this Troll Cave to be visited.


The party is transported to this area and lands in the southern portion of a huge cave. The fog of war extends further than can be penetrated with Infravision.

Exploring further to the north will eventually be observed three troll creatures. If any party members are detected, they will advance towards the party. They are hostile.

One of the creatures is a Troll Shaman, who has some rudimentary divine spells available, and will initiate casting towards a party member if they are detectable.

The trolls aren't particularly robust and can be slain just like any other troll. There are some items that are available to loot from the felled creatures, so have a look and find out what they are.

Found items of interest will be the Heart of the Mountain from the troll shaman. and from one of the other trolls is a severed "Giant Troll's Head", described as:

After slaying the troll, you've obtained his decapitated head.

To the eastern side of the cave will be seen a special altar next to a statue of some unknown troll deity. When a party member is close enough to the altar, the Apparition is also seen nearby.

If dialogue is initiated with him, he'll say:

"This place is a momentary relapse. It has little to do with the testing. That you found your way here at all is interesting. We shall see how this affects your final evaluation. You are to proceed to judgment when ready."

If needed, and in order to have enough time to explore the chamber you may ask the Arbiter to wait while the party explores it, saying:

"I would like to further explore this area first. There is something odd about the altar." - the Apparition will reply "It shall be as you say. I shall be here when you are prepared."

Climb upon the dais and examine the altar, an information display about the altar area shows a text that reads:

On the dais, there is a blood-encrusted altar to some disgusting eight-legged beast. There is the taint of malevolent power in the air. There is a single word written in blood on the altar: SACRIFICE. Most likely the altar is a place where trolls sacrifice to their gods in an effort to receive blessings of some sort.

If you place the severed Giant Troll head within an empty container on the altar, as a "sacrifice" to the statue, then a reward will replace the head with the Bone Club. A text message and animation effect on the screen will play. The test says:

"When the head is placed on the altar, the room rumbles and the head disappears. A gruff voice speaks a word in a guttural language, and an item appears on the altar."

After finishing that activity, approach the Apparition and let him know you are ready to move on by saying "I am prepared to move to judgment." The Apparition responds with "Steel yourself. We go." - the party is transported to the Final Judgement Spellhold Test.





  • The altar has an empty container function, as if ready for something to be placed within it.
  • A small and easy to miss niche on the north wall of the cave can be searched, and the contents are a Random treasure item.