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The Troll Cave an area in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

It is situated in the northwestern part of Troll Claw Woods, and contains five Trolls [verification needed], one Small Troll, a Giant Troll, and a Troll Shamaness.

A hidden door will lead to a side chamber with a Spectral Troll.


  • In a pile of bones is a Skull, some random jewelry or gems, and a Tinderbox, while a loose stone on the banks of one of the pools hides 10 Waterstar Gems.


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If one of the character on your team has Infravision from any source, upon entering the chamber with the Spectral Troll, they will notice an unlit torch in the northeast corner, and trigger the Darkseer achievement.

When the torch is lit using the tinderbox found earlier, a dead body and a rusty chest, both containers, will be revealed. Inside are a Mace, Medium Shield +1, Locket of Embracing, Enchanted Weapon scroll, Wand of Fear (5 charges), and two Diamonds.


Darkseer Achievement icon SoD
Use infravision to navigate an area of darkness. [Read more]